10 summer benefits!

Hello mates!

Since the heat wave has arrived, we are all more or less grumpy. I know it’s difficult but lamenting will not make you happier. The more you complain, the more you get  tired and you feel bad, it’s a vicious circle! So stop grumbling and read this article: here are 10 benefits of the summer, enjoy!

1. We dress more quickly! It takes less than a minute to put on a summer dress or shorts. Very useful when you have trouble waking up!

summer dress

2. Girls no longer need to put tons of makeup! In summer, we naturally look good so forget about fondation makeup and smoky eye, imagine the damage if it melts! Replace your lipstick by a colored lip balm and opt for a waterproof mascara to prevent panda eyes… You can also paint your nails with bright colors to give more pep to your look.

minimal makeup

3. We spend less time cooking! Indeed, we prefer cold dishes so we use less the oven. A fresh and tasty salad can be prepared in less than 5 minutes, you save a lot of time, this is freedom!

salade été

4. We lose weight naturally! Thanks to the heat, we eat more vegetables, more fruits, less fat and we fill our plates less, while burning more calories! Isn’t that wonderful?


5. We do more alfresco meals! Snack along the Seine, dinner on the terrace, picnic, barbecue…admit that it’s pleasant! With friends, family or your sweetheart, enjoy your social life!

picnic 3

6. The sky is bright! A beautiful blue sky can only make you smile! Compared to the depressing greyness of winter, what do you prefer?

blue sky

7. You have the perfect excuse to eat ice creams! Popsicles, Mr. Freeze, ice creams or sorbets, treat yourself! A gourmet ice break always put us in a good mood…

ice creams 2

8. The sun rises early! As the sun is very strong between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm, it’s better to run early in the morning. Trust me, your motivation will be higher at 7:00 am than 7:00 pm. Like this, you will have the rest of the day to do all you need to do!

soleil paris

9. It’s the holiday season! Think about all the things you will be able to do during your free time, isn’t that exciting?

summer holidays

10. In July and August, there is less pressure at the office! Many people are on vacation so you don’t need to work yourself to death. Keep cool…

keep calm no pressure

Hope these 10 reasons will allow you to better enjoy the summer. Have a nice weekend 🙂


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  1. Thank you for your comment and the interesting tips of your article! This topic is still relevant 😉


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