Top 10 of my Cornelian dilemmas!

Dear readers,

Usually, when people propose me outings ideas and ask me what I prefer, I answer “both”! It’s not that I’m indecisive, it’s just that I have an Epicurian philosophy, I don’t like making sacrifices. Of course, I’m able to make choices if the situation is serious. Otherwise, I decide to crunch the life with full tooth because I don’t like having regrets. Here is the top 10 of my Cornelian dilemmas, enjoy!

1. Bar or restaurant? Unless you are short of money, why should you choose between drinking and eating? Everyone knows that drinking in an empty stomach is unhealthy because alcohol is absorbed faster. So if I don’t want to faint, I have to eat as well! And if I have a good meal but I just drank tape water, I won’t be completely happy. One cocktail (not necessarily with alcohol) and a meal are a good combination, don’t you think?

bar or restaurant

2. Cheese or dessert? If they are both good, I will not deprive myself!  Savory is good but I also like to finish with a sweet touch, there is no harm in that!

Back Camera

3. Piano or guitar? I learned to play the guitar at the Conservatoire but I would love to learn the piano as well! That’s why I have an electric piano at home. And as it was not purchased for nothing, I will take private piano lessons one day. Nobody can blame me for wanting to broaden my musical knowledge, thirst for learning is endless!

piano or guitar

4. Häagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s? They both have fabulous ice cream flavors! Haägen Dasz has Mango & Raspberry Swirl and Strawberries & Cream but Ben & Jerry’s has Cookie Dough and Chunky Monkey, it cannot be compared because these are not the same flavors! They complete each other so it’s impossible to choose…

haagen dasz ben & jerry's

5. Walt Disney Studios park or Classic Disney park? Each one has its own magic and they don’t have the same attractions! One has thrilling attractions and the other one is more childish but I like both. Once again, they complete each other! Hopefully, 2 parks tickets exist…

disneyland 2 parcs

6. Picnic or barbecue? They are both alfresco meals but you need a private garden for barbecues. Picnics can happen on the Seine banks, in a park, a public garden or on the beach. It depends if you want to eat cold or warm food! Each one has its charm. If someone asked me the question, I would answer picnic for lunch and barbecue for dinner!

picnic 2barbecue7. Bowling or pool? They are both funny and competitive games. It depends on the number of people and if I win or not! Before, it was easy, I just had to go to the arcade games to play both! Now you have to move to different places.



8. Poem or short story? These are my two favourite writing exercises. My poems are more related to my emotions, my short stories further develop my dreams and my creativity. I need both to be complete.

poetry short story

9. Love or friendship? It’s impossible to choose because it’s not the same kind of relationship. Both contribute to your personal development, you cannot live without one of them. Love gives you tenderness, it makes you shine and incites you to give the best of yourself. Friends allow you to have fun, see life of a lighter eye and not to be dependant on your couple. Love is the most beautiful feeling as long as you are happy but it’s also the most fragile and painful when you lose it. Friendship reassures and is more stable because there is less pressure, expectations and commitment involved.

love and friendship

10. Movie or series? I like going to the cinema to discover new movies. Series are dedicated to evenings spent at home. It feels good to alternate the both!

movie 2series

And you, what are your Cornelian dilemmas? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the commentfield. Have a nice evening 🙂


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