10 good reasons to renounce summer sales!

Hello world!

Summer sales have started since June 24, 2015, and for the first time in my life, I have not been there! I’m a girl, I usually like shopping but right now it doesn’t even tempt me. Here are 10 reasons to renounce summer sales!

1. It’s too hot outside! The thermometers is showing 37 degrees in Paris right now and it will even reach 38 degrees later, help! Heat pumps all my energy, I don’t have the strength to get out. I don’t care if they have air conditioning in the shopping center, the heat will kill me before arriving at destination…

too hot

2. Shops are always overcrowded! There are so many people that we cannot stay longer than 5 minutes in a store. Believe me, you don’t want to linger cause you become very quickly claustrophobic!  Plus, I hate queuing…


3. If you miss the first day, it’s no longer worth it! If you’re not in front of the shop door at 8:30 am on the dot, the chances of finding a piece of clothing that you like and in your size are very low, especially when you have a standard size clothing! In most cases, there are only extreme size clothes, I mean too small or too large for me…

too late

4. We often buy things we don’t need or regret! Sometimes, we only buy because it’s cheap. And after you will ask yourself: “Why did I buy this ugly yellow dress with white dots?!” Ok, it was only 5 euros but you will NEVER wear it! Except eventually at a costume party…

robe jaune à pois blancs

5. I prefer to save money! For a trip with friends for example, it’s more fun!

travel money

6. My closet is already full of clothes! The worst is that I only wear a quarter of all my clothes so what’s the point to go shopping? In the end, we ALWAYS wear the same clothes! Not every day, don’t worry.

armoire  vêtements

7. I don’t have the patience to try on clothes! Firstly, it takes an interminable time before a fitting room becomes available. Secondly, if nothing suits you, it’s a complete waste of time!

cabines d'essayages

8. I don’t want to waste three hours to go shopping and come back empty-handed! You know what you want, you have dreamt of certain clothing but reality is rarely as expected…


9. I don’t like pushy salespeople! Sometimes, you go into a shop “just to have a look” and you find yourself a victim of forced sales pitches, it’s very annoying!

i'm just looking

10. Clothes that really interest us are NEVER part of the sales! Life would be too easy otherwise! According to you, what is the purpose of the “New Collection” signs?  After, you have to make a huge effort to ignore them because it would be ridiculous to buy something without a single discount whereas it’s summer sales! Frustration guaranteed…

new collection

And you, what do you think about summer sales? Give me your opinion in the comment field. See you tomorrow 🙂


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