How to survive without air conditioning!

Hello everybody!

The heat wave alert has been launched, the thermometer shows 32 degrees in Paris and the heat is overwhelming! How awful… The worst is when you haven’t air conditioning at home! I know it’s hard but stop lamenting and read this article: here are 18 tips to refresh yourselves anyway!

1.The cold pillow! Wrap your pillow with plastic bags and leave it 2 hours in the freezer. Like this, your naps and nights will be cooler!

pillow freezer

2. Sleep without duvet! A sheet is more than enough!


3. Opt for a minimalist pyjama! Or no pyjama at all, as you prefer. You will sleep better without unnecessary layers!


4. Put a large glass of water on the floor! It will reduce the temperature of your room.


5. Spray water on your skin! This will refresh you immediately! Atomizer, spray bottle for plants or water gun, it’s up to you…

brumisateur 2

6. Wet your hair and tie them! We think better with a cool head…

wet ponytail

7. Choose clothes with short sleeves or sleeveless! And forget the jeans if you don’t want to die of hyperthermia! Summer dresses, light skirts, cropped trousers or other, wear appropriate clothing! If your office dress code requires you to wear suit and tie all year, good luck to you, you can change clothes at home…

Summer dresses bright green sleeveless swing dress by Monki

8. Avoid black clothes! They are like heat magnets. Choose light colored clothing made of cotton or linen. White is a trendy color for summer, fresh, bright and chic at the same time, enjoy!

white tee-shirt

9. Avoid closed shoes if possible! Girls can still go to work in sandals, it’s more pleasant.


10. At work, run cold water over your wrists for 10 seconds! This will refresh your body temperature for at least one hour.

water over the wrists

11. At home, soak your feet in a bassin of cold water! It’s enough to cool your whole body.

feet in water

12. Take a bath of cold water with ice cubes! You will remain fresh for a long time…


13. Eat watermelon, pineapple or melon! These are the most refreshing fruits.

pastèque melon

14. Put mint leaves in your salads, sauces, ice creams and drinks! It will bring you a pleasant feeling of freshness.

feuilles de menthe

15. Close your windows and curtains during the day! It will block the sun’s heat.

volets fermés

16. Open your windows at night! The fresh night air will cool your house.

fenêtre ouverte

17. Avoid using your oven! Prefer cold food, its better in summer.

no oven

18. Drink water regularly! To avoid dehydration, drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day.

drink water regularly

Hope these 18 tips will allow you to fight again this terrible heat wave. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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