You will be ok…

Dear budding poets,

When a wave of emotions comes over me, writing a poem helps me feel better. Here is my composition of the day, enjoy reading!

everything will be ok

You will be ok…

At any stage of life, we are plagued by feelings more or less strong,

However much you try to grow, you are never immune to go wrong.

Feelings cannot be controlled,

We have all faced the cold,

Our heart is a fragile piece,

Subjected to emotions that never cease.

From friendship to love, from joy to sorrow,

You can never know how will be tomorrow.

One day you are the happiest of the land,

You hold a treasure in your hands,

The day after, you find yourself in trouble

And there is no more magic bubble.

We all shed tears at a time of our lives,

The pain inflicted hurts as much as knives,

Only time heals the scars,

Despite darkness, there are still stars.

You will be ok, even if you think your life has lost its luster,

You will be ok cause you will find your lobster,

Your tears will turn into laughter,

I swear one day you’ll feel better…

thanks 12

Hope you enjoyed this poem. See you soon 🙂


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