Short story number 9 :)

Dear aspiring writers,

Inventing stories is one of my favourite exercises in terms of writing. Here is my ninth short story, enjoy reading!

blaise pascal

The heart has its reasons that the reason ignores.

Romantic stories had never been easy for Juliette. She always fell in love with people who were not made for her. She had been heartbroken several times but was convinced to find the gem one day. She used to follow her heart and sometimes desillusionments were rough. Juliette was a passionate girl who knew no half measures. When she had something in her mind, she was heading without considering the consequences. She was unable to hide her feelings or emotions and this behavior had caused her a lot of suffering.

She thought that growing up, she would learn to be more thoughtful and reasonable but that was not true. Her heart was still inexperienced and love continued to wreak havoc. After her last breakup, Juliette vowed to take her time and not to get back in a relationship too fast. She remained single for more than a year before falling under the spell of Fabien during summer holidays in Belgium. He made her understand that he liked her and she kissed him first, fearless. They started dating and quickly became inseparable.

At the end of the holidays, they promised to keep on seing each other but the harsh reality soon began to catch them. They lived hundreds of kilometers from each other, Fabien was often abroad because of his job and Juliette could not move to follow him because she did not have finished her studies and was broke most of the time. After an argument, she agreed to find a part time job, got hired in a law firm as an administrative assistant, stopped shopping and started to make savings.

They managed to see once a month during three months. Then obstacles multiplied, ruthless: work, exams, lack of time, lack of money, doubts, frustration, fights… The reason would have wanted them to separate but Juliette refused to admit defeat. She wanted to be happy, no matter the price to pay. It was just a bad time to go through, they would get by at the end, it had to be.

The cruelty of fate decided otherwise. Fabien had a car accident and remained in a coma for several months. His brother Cédric told Juliette the bad news. The worst was that she could not even visit him in the hospital, only family members were allowed. The poor Juliette spent the three worst months of her life: she was crying every night without knowing if Fabien would wake up and if she would see him again one day.

Her friends advised her to prepare for the worst but Juliette refused to listen to them. Fabien was the only one she really loved in her life, she did not want anyone else. The curse continued: love was hurting her again. The pain was so deep that she felt like having a hole in her heart. She missed all of him: his smile, his eyes,  his arms, his perfume… she was feeling incomplete and half alive without him. Life was unfair and seemed to lose its meaning. 

She wished she had a stone in place of her heart because sadness was killing her. Cédric was giving her some news from time to time but it was not the same. She should have been at Fabien’s side, holding his hand and talking to him even if he was unconscious. What if he woke up and thought she gave up on him? Juliette had no control over her life, she felt completely powerless and hated it. How was she supposed to survive if she could not be with the one she loved? What was the purpose of all this tragedy?

Even  if she could not see him, Juliette continued to message Fabien every day. Like this, he would know that she had not forgotten him. Every day, she went to bed, hoping that she would finally get an answer but day after day her tears flowed more. Maybe he was dead and no one dared to tell her. Maybe it was time to move on. Lost in her thoughts, Juliette was listening to the last song on which she had danced with him when her phone vibrated. Fabien! He finally woke up…

Without an ounce of hesitation, Juliette took the first plane to join him. He was at home now, she would be able to see him in few hours! Fabien’s brother told her that he was still recovering and that she should not rush him. She had already waited three months, it would be hard to temper her impatience but Juliette knew she could control her feelings. The last months had made her stronger. She just wanted to see Fabien awake and be sure that he was ok.

Her heart started beating at full speed when she rang the doorbell. Cédric welcomed her and lead her to Fabien’s room before leaving them alone. Fabien was bedridden but he seemed fine. Juliette sat carefully on the edge of the bed and when he took her in his arms, she knew she had made the right decision. Fabien had not forgotten her, it was time to be happy…

 thanks glasses

 Hope you enjoyed this ninth short story. See you soon 🙂


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