Short story number 8 :)

Dear aspiring writers,

What I like about writing is that you can invent what you want. Here is my eighth short story, enjoy reading! piano 2

The one that had trouble to speak.

Ophélie had a difficult past. From kindergarten, she already had speech problems. Her mum had taken her to see a speech therapist, hoping that things would improve in primary school. Unfortunately, nothing worked, she continued to stutter whenever she had to speak in public and her classmates made fun of her without mercy. During the choir, she was moving her lips noiselessly because she was afraid of ridicule. She was so discreet that everyone called her “The Mute”. This unflattering nickname pursued her until her eleventh birthday. Growing up, she learned to be more open to others, her stammer disappeared but she was still feeling unconfident.

Things began to change when her Music teacher had the idea to introduce the young girl to the piano. Ophélie litterally fell in love with this instrument. Pleasantly surprised, her mum enrolled her in the Municipal Conservatory, rented an upright piano and music quickly became Ophélie’s favourite means of expression. The choir being mandatory and the voice teacher being known to be strict, Ophélie did a great job on herself because she did not want to give up the piano. This allowed her to feel better and to develop personally until she turned eighteen. Then fate became cruel to her again: Ophélie’s mum lost her job and the dream stopped. Farewell piano…

The teenager had to find part time odd jobs to finance her studies: babysitter, cashier, saleswoman, she accepted everything and did not balk at the task. In her free time, she went to the musical instrument shops to play the piano. Paul Beusher was her favourite store and the store manager let her play because she attracted customers. One of them fell under her spell and became one of her biggest fans. This young man named Yohan, offered Ophélie to film her covers and post videos on YouTube to help her make a name in the music world. They requested the agreement of the manager who accepted without being asked.

Ophélie began with purely instrumental covers : classical, jazz, French or international variety, her repertoire was very rich and she could play anything. In a month, the YouTube channel of Yohan and Ophélie began to become popular and several subscribers demanded covers with singing. Thanks to her seven years spent at the Conservatoire, Ophélie was not afraid to sing anymore but she needed to practice. Yohan agreed to coach her and the song All of Me by John Legend became the trigger of their first kiss. Their channel continued to grow up to several thousands of subscribers.

The young couple began to earn money and six months later, Ophélie could record an EP album in a studio. This mini album of cover songs experienced a honorable success and Ophélie could rent a piano again to play at will. Thinking back to all the way ran, she could not help being touched. Indeed, she was far from the almost mute child she had been at school! The one who was so afraid to speak in public before was now a successful Internet artist, how ironic fate…

Morality: nothing is a foregone conclusion. Anyone can change if they give themselves the means. It requires a lot of will, courage and perseverance but nothing is impossible. Overcoming our fears is the most beautiful thing that we can accomplish. Do not forget it and keep moving!

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Hope you enjoyed this eighth short story. Have a nice evening 🙂

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