Beauty foods to choose: an alternative to beauty products!

Hello girls!

When you are young and broke, it’s difficult to choose between food and beauty products on a tight budget. I choose the food because I love eating but I will not give up taking care of me so far! We’ll have to be smart. What if I told you that you can be pretty thanks to certain foods? Stop starving yourselves and reorganize the content of your plate! Being beautiful starts with eating well…

1. Stock up on vitamin A! It’s a beta carotene precursor and allows the skin cells to renew, isn’t that fantastic? Where to find it? In egg yolk, dairy products, cheese and all the fruits and vegetables containing beta carotene which is a vitamin A precursor, such as apricot, pumpkin, mango, carrot, the list goes on.

jaune d'oeufproduits laitiers fromagemanguecarotte

2. Don’t neglect vitamins of group B! They maintain the functions of the skin, nails and hair and they are involved in the synthesis and distribution of elastic fibers and collagen. Plus, they participate in energy production, immunity and synthesis of neurotransmitters upon which our concentration skills, stress adaptation, libido and mood depend. You got it, these vitamins are essential! Where to find them? In dried vegetables, whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli or salad.

légumes secscérélaes complètesépinards

3. Think about vitamin C! It participates in the synthesis of collagen, defends the skin against ultraviolet and acts positively on skin microcirculation, wow! Where to find it? Red pepper, blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, orange, guava and other, treat yourself!

poivron rougefraise citron

orange 2

4. Don’t sulk vitamin E! It protects essential fatty acids contained in the membrane of skin cells from oxidation and damage induced by harmful sun rays. See, it’s your ally! Where to find it? In almond, wheat germ, sunflower oil, nuts, eggs and fatty fishes such as salmon.

sunflower oilnoisettessaumon

5. Lycopene wishes you well! This antioxidant maintains skin softness, yay! Where to find it? In pink grapefruit, papaya or tomato.

pamplemousse rosepapayetomate

6. Enjoy the power of lutein! This antioxidant improves the hydration of the skin and prevents aging, anti-wrinkle cream can wait! Where to find it? Especially in spinach and corn.

épinards  2


Hope these tips will allow you to eat better and take care of your beauty. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips or give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂

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