Be patient…

Hello poetic souls!

Today I would like to write a poem about patience, enjoy!


Be patient.

In life, you rarely get what you want immediately,

Sometimes you have to row, sometimes you have to slave away,

Nothing is got easily,

These are the rules of the game, do you wanna play?

It takes time to achieve your dreams,

The way to go is often sinuous,

Open your eyes, there are no magic beans,

The paths you cross are often tortuous.

When you miss someone,

Time seems to be idle,

Don’t worry, it happens to anyone,

This is the reverse of any idyll.

Sometimes we would like to skip steps,

Directly cross the finish line,

But we cannot neglect the preps,

There is always a mountain to climb.

All things come to those who wait,

Slow and steady wins the race,

Even if you seem to be late,

Trust me, you can overcome that mess.

Better slowly but surely,

Don’t try to go faster than the music,

You’d venture to drop prematurely

So take the time to climb the peak.

Patience is the mother of safety,

Impatience, the source of trouble,

Learn to wait to be happy,

Brick is stronger than stubble.

thanks 4Hope you enjoyed this poem. Have a nice evening 🙂


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