Short story number 7 :)

Dear readers,

Writing a short story is probably one of my favourite exercises because I can give free rein to my creativity. So here is my seventh short story, enjoy reading!

live your life 2

The one who wanted to change her life.

Nadine had always been a flawless girl since she was a baby. According to her loved ones, she was literally perfect: kind, well mannered, pretty, wise and intelligent. She had never been in trouble and was the pride of her parents. Gifted, she finished high school when she was sixteen and began to study political science. She graduated at twenty one years old and the girl who succeeded everything suddenly sank into an infernal spiral: the abyss of depression… All her life she had followed the choices of her parents without asking any questions because they knew what was best for her. Nadine had never done stupid things and she had never known love because she had only focused on her studies. In short, she had not had adolescence and felt very unhappy. At twenty one, knowing nothing of real life sucked. She had the feeling of being an alien. However, suitors were not lacking but she had always rejected them for fear of disappointing her family. And now she regretted not having lived like any other girls of her age. She had finished her studies and meeting people would be even more difficult. It was time to find a job so she had no time to think about her love life. Nadine felt trapped and did not know how to take control of her life.

She received several proposals of interviews but failed them on purpose. Everything was chained too fast and she had even not enjoyed her life. When they knew that she failed her interviews, her parents were furious and called her idiot for the first time of their life. Hurt by their lack of support and understanding, Nadine gradually plunged into anorexia. She tried to eat in front of them but vomitted in secret. In three months, she had already lost eight kilos and had crying spells that came without warning. Worried by her alarming state, her parents made her hospitalized in a specialized center. Nadine was fed by perfusion and had to see a psychiatrist twice a week. Mad with grief and worry, her parents felt powerless and helpless because they were not allowed to see her. They did not understand what happened to their perfect daughter. It was as if she had been replaced by another person.

After two months, the doctors and the nutritionist authorized the young girl to eat with the other patients under supervision and her psychiatric consultations were reduced to once a week. Nadine finally agreed to talk to her dad and her mum on the phone before allowing them to visit her. She had regained some color and weighed three kilos more, which was encouraging. Moreover, she had accepted to sign on workshops and had made a few friends. Alicia had been traumatized by a death in her family, Christine wanted to be a prima ballerina but her teacher told her she was too fat, Marie had been dumped by her fiancé the day before their wedding, Paula had been abused… The reasons of falling into anorexia were manyfold, each girl had her own story. By comparing her story to the one of the others, Nadine felt suddenly ashamed of her behavior. After all, her parents only wanted her own good even if they did it wrong. She had been cherished, well educated and had been able to study in the best schools thanks to them. They did not deserve to be punished because she was too afraid to express what she wanted. She needed to tell them.

After a long discussion, Nadine’s parents decided to release pressure and allow more time for her to reflect on her future. She was only twenty one, she still had her whole life ahead. In any case, she was not yet ready to go home, the doctors thought she was still too fragile. Three months after, Nadine had gained five kilos on the eight kilos she had lost at the beginning. Her physical and mental state was stable again and she was allowed to go home. She went to the gym and enrolled in a Master of Sport Management before going to train a basketball team in South Africa for a year. This voluntary coaching mission allowed her to blossom and she could pass on to young disadvantaged children the values that were dear to her heart: teamwork, self-improvement, discipline and respect for others. And this was also an opportunity for her to meet William who became her first love…

Morality: parental pressure is not always easy to manage, but never forget that you are the only master of your life. Live the life you dream, not what others dream for you. Taking a different path can be scary but it can also be the best thing that happens to you.

thank for reading

Hope you enjoyed this seventh short story. See you soon 🙂


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