How to travel light!

Dear travelers,

If trips are source of cultural enrichment and escape, packing your bags is not a cakewalk, especially when you’re a girl! I spent few days abroad during this week and I regret to have carried too much stuff. Trust me, 10 kilos is already too heavy to carry when you have the strength of a child. My poor cabin suitcase was so full that I did not even have room to bring back souvenirs! By forcing a little, I managed to cram an inflatable beach mattress and a new swimsuit but nothing more. Fortunately, the chorizo was able to fit in my handbag! And the worst tragedy happened: my suitcase passed away when I came home…  This is the price to pay when you overload your suitcase so nevermore! Here are 9 tips to save your life when you travel, enjoy!

1. Make a list! Thanks to this, you won’t forget anything. Clothes, undies, pyjama, bag for dirty laundry, hygiene products, camera, chargers, shoes, tissues, mini first aid kit, mini medical kit, money, passeport, sunglasses, hat, swimsuit, the list goes on.  You know what you need!

pack list

2. Look at a the local weather! It will give you an idea about the type of clothes to take with you.

weather like

3. Remember to take a jacket! Even if it’s summer, it is cool in the evening and early morning…

jean jacket4. Compose outfits in advance! It will prevent you to take mismatched clothes!


5. Prepare your liquid air pocket! They sell squared transparent pockets at Hema shop or Monoprix. Remember that you must not exceed 10 containers of 100 ml each maximum. You can  buy mini travel products at Monoprix or empty travel containers at Sephora shop. The regulation of liquids forces us to choose only the essentials!

liquid air

6. Two outfits per day maximum! Why 2? Because you sweat during the day in summer and it’s nice to have more stylish clothes for a night out! I was too provident and realized that a beach dress was enough to go to the beach. No need for shorts, skirts, tee-shirts or tank tops if you have summer dresses. But I was afraid of having an accident, staining my clothes or cracking them if I ate too much so I planned too much outfits. Of course, no disaster happened to me, my worst case scenarios were ridiculous!

day and night

7. Two pairs of shoes maximum! Converse and sandals for example. I made the mistake of bringing 2 pairs of sandals in addition to my Converse and flip flops, it was clearly too much! Why 2 pairs of sandals? Because I’m paranoid and I was afraid that a pair breaks… If we pay attention, there is no reason it happens!

converse rosesandales

8. Don’t fill your suitcase to the brim! Save room for the souvenirs!


9. Beach towels are cumbersome! Extend a sarong on the beach for sunbathing and use a compact towel to dry yourself!

pareoserviette compacteThat’s it! Hope these 9 tips will allow you to travel light. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion or share your own tips in the comment field. See you tomorrow 🙂


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