Short story number 6 :)

Dear readers,

Here is my sixth short story, no romance this time. Enjoy reading!

creativity takes courage

When the dream takes us beyond our limits.

Valentine had always been creative. When she was a child and her parents refused to buy her toys because of financial problems, instead of sulking and crying alone in her room, she transformed carboard boxes into cabin, produced dolls with pieces of rags and wrote her own fairytales in a notebook. The powerty of her family had pushed her to create her own universe. She excelled in arts, philosophy and theater. She studied during two years at the Sorbonne before deciding to refocus in advertising school after earning a scholarship. Once graduated, she managed to get hired as a copywriter in an advertising agency. After three years, she was able to make a name in the profession.

She wrote jingles for shampoo and cereal brands, collaborated in the creation of posters for several short films and was the author of launching press releases for start-ups. Valentine loved playing with words, images and make her imagination gallop in projects of all kinds. Her ultimate dream was to become a scriptwriter but it was difficult to break into this path so she was satisfied to write for herself. But gradually, her dream became more and more pressing.

She had fought all her life to be able to do what was dear to her heart so it was out of question to give up. Her current job allowed her to live comfortably but her dreams were pushing her towards new horizons. After complying with the notice required, Valentine resigned one morning in May.

She joined an amateur theater group, enrolled in writing workshops and attended all possible film festivals. Her boyfriend Etienne, that she had met in the theater troupe, encouraged her to apply to the European Audiovisual Writing Conservatory. This two-year course, equivalent to a master’s degree, was so far the only professional training in scriptwriting actually recognized, and above all, the only one that allowed its trainees to have an opening in this field.

First difficulty : every year, there were many applications for few admitted candidates, ten according to statistics. But Valentine was a determined woman. She worked tirelessly and enrolled in the contest. Unfortunately, despite her good intentions and hard work, she was not part of the lucky admitted.

Worried, her family tried to reason with her to convince her to find a real job but Valentine was stubborn and refused to be discouraged by a failure. She still had two options: the National School of Trades of Image and Sound and the International School of Audiovisual Creation and Production. These programs had the merit to bring together writers students with other future professionals of audiovisual and cinema, directors or technicians, and were essential to begin a career.

Driven by the energy of the lion and tough like a crab, Valentine succeeded in integrating the first school and obtained the associated degree. She managed to enlarge her network and made contact with professionals. This allowed her to integrate a team of authors working on a French series. The fact of collaborating in the writing of several episodes was already a big step forward.

Valentine’s reputation took a leap forward and she was contacted for a project of web series orchestrated by a famous figure of YouTube. This project had a viral success and drew the attention of an independent filmmaker in the States.

To continue flying, Valentine had to go abroad. Her boyfriend, jealous of her success, put an end to their relationship. Disappointed by this attitude, the young woman did not let down and decided to try her luck in the land of Uncle Sam. She obtained a work permit and continued to expand her resume with new projects. Some were very successful, others failed but Valentine could bounce back every time.

Now, Valentine Ferrier is one of the rare French writers being able to find her place in the closed and unstable environment of the film industry. Morality: if you have an absolute dream, do not be afraid to reach into cambuis, work hard, persevere, get up if you fall and fight to have your piece of the cake! Fight or die, only you can decide…

thank you

Hope you enjoyed this sixth short story. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂



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  1. kesehatan says:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out some
    additional information.


  2. Hello!This short story is a fiction. The information I found were on the Internet. I don’t have any video but maybe this link can help you if you wanna know more about becoming a screenwriter: 🙂


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