9 tips for sleeping well!

Hello world!

Do you have trouble falling asleep? It happens to me every time I have an important event planned and counting sheeps doesn’t help me! As I don’t want to look like a zombie, I had to find natural remedies urgently because it is out of question to take sleeping pills! Here are some tips for those who are in the same situation, enjoy!

1. Eat carbs! Prefer complex carbonhydrates such as pasta, rice or wheat and avoid eating too much protein! Treat your plate well, your sleep will be better…


2. Drink an infusion! Chamomile, vervain or lime, it’s up to you! Trust me, these plants will help you fall asleep.


3. Drink hot milk with honey! This remedy is as old as time and it will allow you to have sweet dreams…

hot milk

4. Read a boring book! Few pages of an accounting book should be enough to defeat you!

boring book

5. Pay attention to signs of fatigue! Yawning, stinging eyes or stiff neck indicate that it’s time to go to bed. Listen to your body, it will thank you later.

stinging eyes

6. Go to bed at regular times! It is important to respect your physiological needs. Hello insomnia otherwise!


7.  Don’t sleep in an overheated room! Place a glass of water on the floor or ventilate your room before sleeping. You will sleep better, I promise!

20 degrees

8. Turn off all the lights! Don’t worry, there are no monsters hiding under your bed. Complete darkness is necessary to sleep well, be brave!

sleep in the dark

9. Hang a dreamcatcher above your bed! It will help you to chase away evil dreams.


Hope these 9 tips will allow you to sleep better. Good night 🙂


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