6 natural remedies against headache!

Dear victims of headaches,

Stress, fatigue, long hours spent in front of the computer, painful periods or other, many factors can cause headaches or migraines for the unlucky ones. If you are tired of drugs, here are 6 natural remedies tested and approved, enjoy!

1. The washcloth with cold water! Put a few ice cubes in a washcloth, lie down and place it on your forehead. The vasoconstrictor cold effect allows to tighten dilated blood vessels responsible for pain!

washcloth with ice cubes

2. Take a nap! You always feel better after a good snooze!

panda nap

3. Drink some water! Headaches can be a sign of dehydration. Sometimes the act of drinking a large glass of pure water is enough to stop a headache in its tracks!

glass of water

4. Go get some fresh air! A few minutes spent outside can be surprisingly refreshing, even enough to relieve your headache!

fresh5. Apply a hot towel on your neck! A heat source is a very effective remedy against headaches!

hot towel

6. Drink green tea! It is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and provitamin A. It also consists of polyphenol (antioxydant) and caffeine for energy. Trust me, it will help you fight the pain!

green tea

Hope these 6 tips will allow you to overcome your headaches or migraines. If headaches persist despite everything, go see a doctor. Feel free to share your own tips in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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