What to do to keep busy during power failure!

Hello people!

Electricity and Internet outages are part of the worst things that can happen to us. Indeed, when your computer has no more battery and your phone is discharging, it’s the end of the world, you feel helpless! This unpleasant situation happened to me again today, I thought I was going crazy! There is nothing more terrible than electrical cuts because we have the feeling of being unable to do anything. Indeed, we are totally dependent on the goodwill of the electrician! How to survive away from technology for several long hours? Here are some ideas to help you overcome this awful trial…

1. Read a book! Since the digital age has vampirized us, we take less and less time to read and it’s a shame. Take the opportunity to read a good novel, it will calm your nerves and help you to relax!


2. Have a snack! Sweet or savory, as you prefer. But only if you are hungry, don’t eat from boredom! A little snack will temporarily improve your mood.  As you know, one is cranky when hungry!


3. Work out! It is an opportunity to use the exercise bike you have turned into coat hanger recently! You can also do some streching or make your abs work… Do you have anything better to do, cut off from the world of civilization?

vélo d'appartement

4. Have a vitamin or fizzy drink! A multivitamin juice or a Coke Zero will give you a shot of peps! Indeed, we tend to become lethargic when we are deprived of our favorite tech gadgets…


5. Meditate! As you are alone with yourself, it’s time to think about existential questions, to reflect of the meaning of your life and clarify your mind. This is the only situation where you will not be disturbed by the ringing of your phone, enjoy!


6. Make lists! Take a piece of paper and a pen and make a to-do list. Goals of the week, shopping list, good resolutions or other, the act of writing will help you have the clear ideas!

make a list

7. Test your self-control! See how long you can live without your computer or your phone, learn to control your frustration and impatience. This test will make you stronger!

self control

8. Swear to recharge your wireless charger to keep your phone alive in case of hard times! We never think about it whereas it can save our lives, speaking of urgent phone calls for example…

wireless charging

That’s it! Hope these 8 tips will allow you to survive in case of nasty power cut. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion or share your own tips in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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