Maroon 5 at the Zénith in Paris: review of a huge concert!!! :)

Hey Maroon 5 lovers!

Yesterday night, I attended the unique concert of Maroon 5 in Paris! Here is my experience told step by step…


Step 1: purchase tickets!

The concert tickets were on sale on December 18, 2014, and I struggled like a crazy to buy them on the Internet. After scrolling my computer mouse on the websites of online ticket sales for a time that seemed endless and stressed as hell when a website informed me that I was the nine thousandth visitor (they want our death or what!), I finally found a reliable website to get what I wanted: concert tickets in the pit! There is always this stressful time when you expect that the credit card payment is accepted and then that feeling of relief and joy when you receive the email confirming your purchase. You have the feeling of having accomplished an extraordinary feat! And this is absolutely true for Maroon 5 concert tickets, it takes only a few minutes for all the tickets are sold!

tickets Maroon 5

Step 2: prepare your battle dress!

When you attend a concert, the goal is not to make a fashion show but to be good in your shoes. This is the band which is under the spotlight, not you. So no need to make yourself up as to go to in night clubs. Remember it is very hot in the concerts so opt for a light makeup! If you have long hair, do a ponytail, you will not get too hot and you won’t bother people!  Choose comfortable clothes: a tank top or a tee-shirt, jeans or shorts with leggins, Converse plus a light jacket are enough. It is out of question to wear open shoes or heels: protect your feet, nobody wants to be trampled and Converse are more convenient for jumping and dancing! Girls, forget the big bulky bags, take a mini bag. You just need to take your phone, your Navigo pass, your ticket, your camera and your wallet. And a packet of tissues and your hand sanitizer if you want. All this fits in a mini bag, I did it. Very convenient to be comfortable in the metro and in the queue!

5 final look



mini sac

Step 3: stand in line!

I left 3 hours in advance. Believe me, this is the average time due to arrive on time without stress! When I arrived in front of the Zénith, the queue was already well extended, much like when we go to Disneyland. That’s why you should not be overdressed or having too heavy bag! And when you have someone to talk, time passes faster thankfully! In general, people are so happy to be there that they forget bitching, even the Parisian, it’s incredible.


queue zénith

Step 4: eat and wait!

Several options are available to you: either you had time and courage to prepare a small picnic, either you buy a sandwich on site (5 euros for a ham and cheese sandwich). And don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Bottle tops are not allowed and a 50 cl bottle of Evian costs 3 euros. Yep, they are sharks…  They also sell ice cream and beer but I resisted. I like the friendly atmosphere in the pit. You sit down and picnic, that’s cool. It reminds me of school!

fosse zénith

sandwich jambon fromageevian 2

Step 5: concert opening!

The first part of the concert began at 8:00 p.m on the dot. I was a group of DJs who were mixing music hits. We had the feeling of being in a nightclub! Everyone was jumping, dancing and clapping… some even had fluorescent bracelets! The dancing session lasted 20 minutes and then we had to wait again…


Step 6: THE concert!

The public made Mexican wave while waiting Maroon 5 which played hard to get. It felt like being in a stadium! The impatient crowd became agitated and unleashed. Indeed, the testers took FOREVER to set the stage! 9:00 p.m: the long awaited moment had finally arrived. Smartphones and cameras were ready to capture the appearance of the famous band. MAROON 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam Levine, the charismatic leader of the band, all muscular and tattooed, warmed the room with the hit Animals and imitated the cry of the wolf to stick to the song. The audience in trance acclaimed him as if he was a god. We went for an hour and a half of happiness, magic, excitement, pleasure and madness! The songs succeeded, always well received by the public. It’s in the pit that we appreciate a concert for the best, it really feels to interact with the band! I loved when the whole band started to sing Payphone a capella with the fans, it was so moving and magical! Another of my favourite moments: stripped acoustic version of She Will Be Loved that Adam sang, accompanied by the guitarist James Valentine. This is the song that introduced me to this wonderful band. And when the crowd turned on and waved flashlights of its smartphones, it was like being surrounded by shooting stars. So beautiful! Adam Levine has performed many songs that I like. I don’t remember the exact order but who cares? There were Animals, Payphone, She Will Be Loved, This Love, Love Somebody, Daylight, Sugar, Move Like Jagger, Maps, One More Night, the list goes on. Too bad that they didn’t play It Was Always You, it is also part of my favourite songs. Never mind, the show was rhythmic, dynamic, frantic, sexy, catchy, captivating and moving! Time has flown at lightning speed. One hour and a half is definitely too short. I wish it lasts longer and there is a musical call at the end. Anyway, I don’t regret coming, it was amazing! Adam Levine has an incredible stage presence, energy and contagious charisma, not to mention a fantastic voice, both comfortable for rock, soul, funk or r’n’b songs. Bravo!


If you get the chance, go see Maroon 5 on stage, it’s really worth it. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion about the band, its songs or its concerts in the comment field. xoxo 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chaim says:

    Hey, Do you have any idea if it’s possible to enter this venue with a seated tickets, and move to the pit where i can stand? I’m wondering wheather to buy a ticket to Florence and the Machine concert at December and there are only ASSIS tickets left…. Thanks!!


  2. Hello! I don’t think it’s possible to buy a seated ticket and move to the pit after because the entries are controlled. Look on the Internet to see if there are people reselling tickets for the pit, good luck 🙂


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