15 clichés about men: true or false?

Hello people!

Last week I wrote an article on clichés about girls. Today it’s time to review some clichés about men. I want to clarify that this post is mainly humoristic so please don’t get mad. Enjoy!

1. Men love football and beer! True most of the time. It also applies for tennis, rugby, basketball or any other sport competition. Pizza is also popular when they watch sport on TV.  That being said, men who don’t like football nor beer also exist! I love football plus beer 2. Men cannot do two things at one time! True and false. It depends on what things it is. Generally, they can’t be multitask for things like watching a movie and talking on the phone simultaneously without being lost. But they are able to go to the toilets and play Candy Crush at the same time for example! monotasking3. Men are underhand! True for some of them. Some men are simply unable to admit their mistakes because of pride, sexism, childishness or other. And this is very annoying! Don’t worry, there are also women who are in bad faith… always right 4. Men are insensitive! False. Even the tough guys have a heart. I’ve seen bullies turning into teddy bears in front of their mum so everything is possible! Even if they don’t like to show it, some men are very sensitive people deep inside them. no sensitive 5. Men earn more money than women! Sadly it’s motsly true. For equal job and equal skills, women are often paid less than men. But couples where the woman earns more than her other half also exist, it depends on their jobs of course. money 6. Men are machos! It depends. All types of men exist so we should not generalize. Everything depends on the culture, education and the state of mind of the person. There are archaic tyrans as there may be gentlemen! machos 7. Men prefer blondes! This cliché is as old as time and false. There’s something for everyone. So girls, stop dye your hair blonde unless you really want it. Never deny your hair roots for a man, ok? Beside this color is far from suitable for everyone! Better a true brunette confident than a fake blonde uncomfortable… blonde 8. Men are dirty! True and false. It depends on the hygiene of the person.  Some can shower 7 times a day like Di Caprio in Aviator movie (what a crazy man!), other randomly… well everyone is the master of his life and cleanliness! stink 9. Men only think about sex! False. It seems that some would think of it every 7 seconds but it seems exaggerated! In general, men have more sexual thoughts than women but after all, the libido of each belongs to him… Unless you are sex addict, it is impossible to constantly think about it! sex10. Men are brave! True and false. There are different types of courage. Some can be able to kill all the most hideous creatures without blinking and be afraid to commit for example. Once again, there are cowards as courageous people! brave 11. Men are better drivers than women! False. We should not generalize. This is a sexist stereotype.  It depends on the person. But in general, women are more cautious on the road while men tend to brag, according to the road safety studies. driver 12. Men don’t know how to look after the children! False. Hopefully, great dads exist! Even if they don’t take care of the kids in the same way than mums, it doesn’t prevent them from being good parents. dad fail 13. Men are all careerists! False. Some are housemen and prefer to devote 100% to the education of their children. There is no shame in that if they fully assume their choice. careerist 14. Men have a phobia to do the housework! True most of the time. Actually, everybody hates doing household but they do it anyway, unless the guy is very conservative. In balanced families, household chores are still shared. Otherwise, I feel sorry for the woman… vacuum 15. Men cannot cook! It depends. Some can be a disaster in the kitchen, some can prepare basic dishes and some are real chefs! The same applies for women.  bad cook And you, what do you think about men stereotypes? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thibault "Oron" says:

    I would like to summerise this cliché by a little “True and false” or a “It depends”…Most of the time !! ^^
    Finally we are so mysterious B-)


  2. Universal truth doesn’t exist! Men are complicated specimens ^^


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