5 good reasons to go to the sea! :)

Hello beachgoers!

Today I went to the beach in Normandy. It was just for the day but it felt good! Believe me, the beach has more benefits than you think. Here are 5 good reasons to go to the sea!

1. Sun! This is the best source of vitamin D. Trust me, we really need it after the greyness of winter! Vitamin D plays a fundamental role in our immune system. It contributes to muscle strength, reduce pain of periods and helps to resist respiratory infections! So feel free to take a sunbath… Remember to protect yourself by putting on sunscreen, sunglasses and avoiding exposing yourself between noon and 4:00 p.m.


2. Sand! It is a natural exfoliant. Indeed, the finely crushed shells associated with the small grains of the sand are a great scrub skin cleanser. Just wet your skin with sea water and gently rub all over your skin. Rinse thoroughtly after!


3. Seawater! Salt water is an astringent which accelerates healing. Floating in the seawater is also a great way to reduce tension and stress from the day, go for it!


4. Sea air! A deep breath of sea air particularly helps to relax and let go. The light smell of salt in the invigorating sea air can provide both a feeling of joy and unequaled appeasement, wow! Its deep breathing can help release tension. So forget your problems and treat your lungs!

sea air

5. Outdoor activities on the beach! Note that for an equivalent pace, walking on the sand would consume 50% more calories than on a solid surface. Walking, running, yoga, football or other, play sports on the beach and stay in shape!

running on the beach

Hope these 5 reasons will convince you to go to the beach! Don’t hesitate to share your own reasons in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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