Short story number 5 :)

Dear aspiring writers,

Weekend is back! Here is my fith short story to relax, enjoy!

I love setbacksThe setbacks of Anaïs.

Sitting on one of the famous green chairs of the Luxembourg Gardens, Anaïs jealously watched couples kissing or holding hands. She had almost everything: youth, health, an apartment, a career, a loving family and great friends… She even had a fiancé for two years but they split when Emmanuel confessed to everyone that he was gay. She did not know whether to laugh or cry. In general, this kind of situation happened in the series, not in real life. Their families were shocked but oddly, Anaïs was not the one who suffered the most. She had loved Emmanuel but it was not crazy love. And the thought that he would not replace her by another woman had consoled her. She now understood why the engagement dragged on, why Emmanuel seemed indifferent to all the pretty girls and why he spent so much time in the bathroom.

Of course she was angry when he told her the truth, weeping like a child. Her womanly pride was shaken. Apparently, Emmanuel had discovered his true preferences two months before their breakup at a bachelor party. A certain Aldo made him confused. Nothing happened that day but they had seen each other several times after until Emmanuel had a revelation. He had tried to reason with himself but each day that brought him closer to the wedding date made him increasingly unhappy. He had to gather all his courage and all his strength to face her, their families and their friends.

Anaïs was not mad at him for the fact he was gay, she was angry that he did not realize in any earlier, it would have saved them from losing two years of their lives and destroy the hopes of their both families. Because of this sad story, Anaïs had lost faith in her love life. She was afraid to please no one or that no one never falls for her. However she had it all: long, soft and shiny chesnut hair, blue eyes like the ocean, straight teeth, a radiant complexion and a nice silhouette. Plus, she was editor in chief of a successful women’s magazine, she owned a beautiful apartment in Montmartre district and she was never sick.

When they knew that she was single again, her former boyfriends came back and tried to seduce her but she pushed these vultures, disgusted. Anaïs did not want recycling, she wanted to meet someone new, authentic and sure of his sexual orientation. Was it too much to ask? All her friends were in couples and she was afraid of dying as an old maid. Affected by her distress, her girlfriends did their best to help her find the gem but nothing went according to plan.

Her friend Sabrina arranged for her a blind date with one of her single colleagues in a charming Italian restaurant. At the end of the antipasti, Anaïs already knew she would never see this man again. At thirty five years old, he still lived with his mother, he was unable to cook and was stingy like a rat! No thanks. Apparently, Sabrina was not even aware of those details and Anaïs swore to never accept another blind date from her again.

Her friend Charlotte helped her to create a profile on a dating website but the people she met for real never looked like their profile pic or the photo was not current. Suspicious, Anaïs proposed just a drink in a safe bar and always asked Charlotte to call her to have an excuse to leave if the guy was not interesting. Online dating was not a good idea, Anaïs suppressed her account after three disappointing dates.

Her friend Jennifer advised her to enroll in a gym. Unfortunately, Anaïs hated sport and did not feel attractive when she was working out. Moreover, sweaty bodybuilder guys did not attract her at all.

Finally, Anaïs decided to keep on living her own life without asking questions. If something was meant to be, it would happen anyway. And it happened when she least expected it. She met her new love in the person of her new neighbor. See, sometimes what we seek is right next to us… thanks 2Hope you enjoyed this short story. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Have a nice weekend 🙂  

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