Things happen for a reason!

Dear readers,

Today an electrical problem has messed my day and I had to cancel an appointment. Sometimes it seems that fate is against us and that what happens to us is unfair. I had booked my day to prepare something and finally it could not be realized. I needed Internet and I was deprived of it at the worst possible moment! I’ve just recovered my connection but it’s too late, at least for today. I usually write my poems on weekends but I decided to anticipate because it allows me to feel better. Enjoy reading!

everything happens for a reasonThings happen for a reason

Do you believe in blows of fate?

Do you believe in destiny?

Sometimes obstacles cannot wait,

As if they were allergic to mercy.

If certain things happen to us,

It’s for a specific reason,

Sometimes it is useless to discuss,

It’s like screaming in offseason.

Should we cry over our fate?

Should we suffer hazards of the sky?

Lamenting has nothing great,

Don’t remain on the ground, you can still fly.

If a bad thing is happening,

Don’t brandish the flag of defeat,

You can still have your happy ending,

You can still have some little treats.

If you didn’t get what you wanted,

If fate was hard against you,

Don’t let yourself be intimidated,

Don’t let life infecting you.

Keep on moving,

Don’t turn around,

Everything is improving,

Don’t remain nailed to the ground.

Tomorrow is another day,

Maybe you’ll have a second chance,

Do not crush black, drive out the gray,

If today is tarnished, tomorrow you may dance.

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Hope you enjoyed this poem. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. See you tomorrow 🙂

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