How to organize your closet! :)

Hello people!

Who has never experienced the drama of a closet overflowing? Who has never felt lost in a mountain of mismatched clothing? Who never became hysterical at the thought of having nothing to wear? Let’s be honest: unless you have blood of personal shopper in your veins, you all experienced at least one of these situations at one time or another in your lives. Admit that a chaotic dressing can be enough to make us crazy! In the series, TV shows or clothing stores, everything is always perfectly organized. Some will say that this is not real life or those lucky ones paid someone to take care of this arduous task for them. Probably. Is that a reason to admit defeat and cry over your fate? Absolutely not! My blog aims to help you survive in Paris of course but also wherever you are. Indeed, this dress crisis is universal. Don’t worry, here are 9 tips to organize your closet once for all, enjoy!

1. Clear your closet and sort your clothes! The clothes you have not worn in over a year have nothing to do in your wardrobe! If they are still in good condition, resell them on eBay! Or if you have a generous heart, give them to friends or associations.

empty closet


2. Fold your tee shirts and sweaters and store them in a shelf! Don’t put more than 6 items per pile of clothes if you don’t want everything to collapse!

fold tee-shirts

3. Sort the clothes to hang by category and colors! Coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers…  Get dressed will become a piece of cake!

clothes sorted by colors

4. Put off-season clothes in storage boxes to save space! Farewell Eskimo coat, big wool sweaters, winter hats and snowsuit! Put those boxes on top of your closet, you won’t need them for a long time…  And be sure to label them for more efficiency!

storage boxes5. Make your stuff accessible! Shoes at the bottom, tee shirts in the middle, bedding spare at the top…simplify your life!

shoes at the bottom

6. Underwear are better in a drawer! Or in a storage box if you prefer. The same applies for your socks.

underwear7. Hang your tights, belts and scarves! It will prevent them from tangling. Invest in hooks or paste clothe pegs on a wooden board, it will change your life!

hang your scarves

8. Stock your jewelry in transparent jars! They will be safe and visible at a glance.

jewelry jars

9. Put some mothballs on your shelves and scented sachets in storage boxes! This will save you from having tattered clothes and off-season clothes won’t smell musty!


scented sachets

Hope these  9 tips will help you to organize your closet! Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂



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