6 DIY to simplify your life! :)

Hello everybody!

Are you dreaming of simplifying your life without breaking the bank? If so, DIY is right for you! Here are 6 easy DIY especially selected for you, enjoy!

1. Storage for cables! To prevent your cables from getting tangled, store them in empty toilet paper rolls. For more fun, decorate them with masking-tape!

organize your cords

2. A discreet “special beach” storage! Clean an empty bottle of sunscreen. It will become the perfect hideaway for your phone, money and keys, and it will protect them from the prying eyes!

conteneur téléphone et clés pour la plage

3. Stop losing your hair elastics! Just hang them to a snap hook, it’s that simple!

mousqueton à élastiques

4. Curtain hooks to hang your bags in your wardrobe! Easy, convenient and economical. What more could you ask for?


5. The magnetic makeup board! Stick small magnets on the back of your products with super glue and put them on a magnetic board. Brilliant, isn’t it? You can paint the picture frame with silver paint to give it more class!

magnetic makeup board

6. A box file for your flat shoes! A very simple idea to store your flip flops, ballet flats, sandals and so on! Don’t hesitate to stick labels on the boxes to classify your shoes…

box file for flat shoes

This is probably one of my shortest articles but sometimes a few words and minimum material are enough to be effective! Hope these 6 DIY will simplify your life. Don’t hesitate to share your own DIY in the comment field. See you soon 🙂


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