15 clichés about girls: true or false?

Hello world!

As you know, clichés die hard, particularly regarding gender. To debunk the misconceptions, let’s review 15 clichés about girls. A post on the stereotypes about boys is planned next week. Enjoy!

1. Girls are afraid of spiders! True and false. Morbid fear of spiders is not a phobia restricted to girls! There are also men who are arachnophobes. Spiders disgust me but it’s not a phobia. I’m able to kill a spider if it’s very little. girls are afraid of spiders 2. Girls have always keyrings and handbags that weight one tonne! True most of the time. Girls love trinkets and often carry their home in their bag. We always have plenty of useless things in our purse but rather have them with us to reassure ourselves in case!  Boys can laugh but they are happy when we can save them with a pen, a tissue, a plaster or hand sanitizer! keyring heavy handbag 3. Girls love making lists! True. Whether it’s shopping list, our goals for the day or the programming of holidays, it’s very useful to remember everything! Some might call it “fussiness”, I call it “organization”. I love lists 4. Girls don’t like fighting video games! False. I’m a huge fan of Street Fighter, it’s my favourite fighting video game! This doesn’t make me a tomboy so far. You can enjoy video games while remaining feminine. I think fighting video games allow us to channel our energy and strenghten our combative side. chun-li 5. All the girls know how to cook! False. Some girls are real disasters in the kitchen! You must stop believing that girls are perfect housewives. Some are outstanding cooks, others manage to make basic dishes and others don’t even know how to boil an egg, it takes all kinds to make a world… girl cooking disaster 6. Girls imagine ridiculous scenarios when they don’t hear from a guy! True. Here are situations we sometimes think about: either he got his phone stolen, or he was kidnapped, the kidnappers destroyed his phone and he’s in an area devoid of any telephone network, or he had an accident and he’s in a comatic state, or he’s mad at you and wants to punish you, in the worst case scenario he doesn’t love us anymore, or he has lost his memory and doesn’t remember us, or he’s dead and has therefore the best excuse for not answering! Please guys, don’t make fun of us: if we worry it’s because we care about you, nothing more. So have compassion for us and don’t make us wait an eternity to respond a message, thanks. guys who don't answer 7. Girls hate mess! True and false. All girls are not Monica Geller, it would be a nightmare otherwise! I say yes to cleanliness but no to the obsession of storage and household. Workplace is the only place where I strive to have a clean, organized and tidy desk, as a sign of respect for my colleagues. But mess in my room is my business. I have periods where I can live in an “orderly” mess and others where I prefer that everything is in its right place. It depends on my mood or if I have guests… i can't sleep in a messy apartment 8. Every girl has several handbags! True. A bag for work, one for nightlife, one for casual outings, one for traveling, one for going to the swimming pool, one for quick shopping… You got it, each bag has its function! And this is sometimes a nightmare when you change bag because you always forget something! several handbags 9. Girls wear makeup all the time! False. If I spent all day in my pyjamas and I just need to go to the supermarket to buy shampoo, I have no need for make-up. The same thing if I workout or go to the swimming pool. We don’t need to have the perfect look all the time. Accepting your face in its natural state is also part of self-confidence. Makeup is supposed to beautify your natural traits, not turn you into someone else! I love makeup 10. Girls always start with looking at the horoscope in free newspapers or in women’s magazines, even if they don’t believe it! True most of the time. I confess that I am one of these girls. I read horoscopes for fun and when I have several newspapers or magazines, I choose the most optimistic horoscope of course! horoscope magazine 11. All the girls wear high heels! False. According to me, high heels are sexy but they are instruments of torture! I avoid to wear high heels because I cannot walk with and it hurts the feet. Some girls love it, I just hate it. Of course, for special occasions I can wear heels but they shouldn’t be too high, it’s a matter of comfort. Wedge heels are good as well. high heels 12. All the girls are crazy about shoes! False. I have several pairs of shoes but I’m not a shoes addict. Everyone has their own guilty pleasures. Personally, I prefer collecting panda stuff! I know, I’m a strange girl… I love shoes 13. Every girl has tried to go on a diet at least once in her life! True. All girls have experienced this phase at any point of their lives. But the problem with diets is that you have to be on a diet for life if you really want to make it work. Personally, I have neither the patience nor the courage to do it. I love eating so I prefer to play sports to offset the excess. diet 14. Girls need to talk when they are not doing well! True. This is a character trait typically feminine! Girls need to express their feelings to feel better. And girls meetings are always nice! girls talk 15. Girls are small fragile things! It depends on the personality of each girl. We should not generalize. We are all more or less vulnerable depending on the situation but some girls are stronger than others to deal with the trials of life! fragile girl And you, what do you think of clichés about girls? If you wanna give your opinion or share other clichés, the comment field is yours. Have a happy Sunday! 🙂


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