ABC of dreams :)

Hello dreamers!

It’s been a while since my last ABC. As the meaning of dreams interests me, I decided to make an ABC of dreams to help you interpret your oneiric thoughts. I want to say that I am not a psychic, this is just a compilation for fun, ok? Enjoy!

A like apricot! If you see an apricot, it’s a symbol of gain and joy. If you buy some, it represents a commercial advantage. And if you eat some, it’s a healthy sign! What a wonderful fruit, it has only benefits! abricots B like bunch of flowers! If you see, make, offer or receive a bunch of flowers, it announces a declaration of love or friendship. On the other hand, if you forget, lose or damage a bunch of flowers, a declaration of love or friendship will go unheeded. Careful! bouquet C like chair! If you see a chair, it’s a sign of rest and relaxation. If you are sitting on a chair, it announces a painful period filled with continued efforts. This may explain why some people refuse to sit! chaise D like dynamite! New plans, plans for life, sudden hopes, which have to skip all obstacles. If dynamite explodes, you’ll be highly regarded. Striking, isn’t it?  Please don’t do this in real life, ok? Don’t turn into a criminal, it would be a nightmare! dynamite E like elves! If you see the elves, it presages a beautiful love, wow! But if you are surrounded by elves, you are facing a dilemma. elves F like family! If you see family or if you are a family, it’s a symbol of happiness. Enjoy! family G like guitar! If you see or hear a guitar, it’s a sign of pleasure. If you are playing the guitar, you will fall in love. What a magical instrument! guitare H like honor! If you receive an honor, you will have a happy life. If you honor someone, it’s a sad sign. If you dishonor someone, you will have a bad time. If you make a sworn statement, it presages of a good conscience. And if you wear a dress of honor, you will have a happy future. Tricky, isn’t it? honor I like island! You are afraid of your environment and want to flee. If you see an island, it’s a symbol of loneliness and sadness. If you are on an island, you will get a job. If you are alone on an island, you are looking for rest and loneliness. And if you are leaving an island, you are following an uncertain path. Except for employment, this is not very dreamy, don’t you think? island J like Japan! If you are going to Japan, it’s a sign of bravery. If you see a Japanese person, it means that you are surrounded by cunning people who do not wish you well. At the same time, how can you go to Japan without seeing Japanese?! This is so tricky! Japan   K like kouglof! It announces the christening of a child. kouglof L like lavender! If you see lavender or smell its scent, the time has come to reap success. lavenderM like magazine! If you are reading a magazine, you will meet someone nice. I don’t know how. Maybe on the beach? read a magazine N like new! If you are wearing new clothes, you will be satisfied. It’s common sense! Who doesn’t like shopping? newO like orange! If you see an orange, you feel like traveling. If you pick an orange, happiness is unsteady. And if you eat an orange, a change will be beneficial. The ideal would be someone who offers you an orange, so you can see it without picking it and you can eat it, problem solved! orange P like pastry! Whether you make it or eat it, you will have a big win. I think it’s time to make some cookies! pastry Q like quarrel! Don’t worry, it means that a reconciliation is coming… quarrel R like refrigerator! If you see a refrigerator, you will know a secret. A chilling one, maybe? refrigerator S like sapphire! Swallow your smile, it means that you will be in trouble! saphirT like table! It’s the symbol of life. If the table is set, you will have fun. If the table is not set, you will get bored. table U like Uranus! Dreaming of this planet symbolizes traditionally the attractiveness of renewal, originality and independence. Uranus in a dream means the ability to go beyond your limits and to open yourself to the revival. uranus V like violoncello! The instrument and its music are a sign of inner balance. violoncello W like wagon! If you see a wagon, you will buy goods. If it’s a freight wagon, you will receive the item that you want. That’s cool! wagonX like xylophone! If you see or hear a xylophone, it announces a rare treat. If in your dream you are playing the xylophone, you will discover a talent (not necessarily musical) that you never knew. Isn’t that wonderful? xylophone Y like yogurt! Dreaming of a yogurt refers to a deeply rooted emotional need in you. This can also have an erotic connotation. yogurt Z like zigzag! A zigzag symbolizes a personality trait or character you have trouble controlling or apprehend, either in you or someone in your entourage. zigzag That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this ABC of dreams. If you wanna share your own dream interpretations, the comment field is yours. Sweet dreams 🙂


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