Love poem ♥

Good morning budding poets!

Yesterday I wrote a short story about love. Today I would like to write a poem on the same subject. Enjoy!

love roses

What is love

Who has never been in love?

Who has never known this feeling?

This bunch of emotions lifts us above,

You have the sensation of floating.

At the beginning, you’re on cloud nine,

A delicious thrill invades you,

A shiver runs down your spine,

You just feel like someone new.

You think about the other day and night,

When he calls you, your face blossoms.

He simply makes your heart ignite,

A new world view appears and it’s awesome.

You feel light as a feather,

You live in a new bubble,

You’d like to keep it that way forever

Because your happiness is doubled.

Everything is not always rosy,

There will be moments of gray sky,

Sometimes love can make us crazy,

It may be necessary to fight not to let feelings fly.

Love is made of sharing and concessions,

There are laughter, kisses and hugs,

Don’t ask yourself too many questions,

Live your story but don’t see love as a drug.

Sharing moments as a couple is wonderful

But you shouldn’t be dependent on the other.

Don’t give up on who you are, fusional love can be awful.

A relationship is like a flower,

It needs love, care and light,

Thanks to your efforts, you can make it stronger.

If you let it fade, your future won’t be bright.

Don’t forget to express what you feel,

Whether your joys, your sorrows or your doubts.

A couple must be able to face everything, here’s the deal,

Mutual support is the best of the thoughts.

Show the other that you care,

If he loves you, he’ll do the same.

If he needs you, be there

So you’ll be able to keep the flame.

When you love someone, just say it,

No need to wait for a special occasion,

That’s the real way to commit

And give free rein to your passion.

thank you flower

Hope you enjoyed this poem, I wrote it with my heart. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field! Cheers 🙂


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