Short story number 4 :)

Dear readers,

Today is Ascension Day, it’s a little vacation in France. Blessed be the month of May! As it’s already weekend in Paris, I decided to write another short story. I love romance so this is a romantic story. Enjoy reading!


When love gets involved…

Nina was a romantic idealist. Was it due to the fact that she was bottle-fed to Disney movies during her entire childhood? Or maybe because her parents had known love at first sight when they met? It was difficult to say. She was not so lucky but secretly continued to believe in absolute love. Because of her romantic personality, she had not had many lovers and it was better that way. Nina refused to collect stories like trophies. She fell in love three times in her life and she ended three times heartbroken.

She was sixteen when she met her first love. They were in the same class, it often happens like that in high school. They were truly in love but they met far too early. At that age, boys are not ready to commit. Her story with Marc lasted a year and she struggled to forget him.

At university, she was dating Jonathan. Nina really believed that she could put up with him for the rest of her life, but unfortunately for her, Jon’ died in a motorcycle accident, a week after the celebration of their two years together. Nina had to see a psychologist for six months to heal her pain and regain a mental balance. This breakup was far more serious than the first one because death had separated them. But oddly, Nina had recovered much faster, maybe because she had become stronger with time.

During the last year of her studies, she went to Madrid to do her final study project. She met Alejandro in a tapas bar. During six months, they lived the perfect love but things went wrong when Nina returned to Paris. They began a long distance relationship but soon Alejandro became jealous. He could not stand that Nina had male friends, although she remained faithful. The sweet words turned into fights and they ended up breaking up.

Despite all her heartbreak, Nina continued to believe in love. She wanted to be happy, no matter how long it would take her. She kept on working hard and hanging out with her mates without asking too many questions. Nina was a smart girl. She did not let the memory of Alejandro disrupt her and managed to finish her master thesis on time. Her oral examination went well and she got her Master of Management of tourist and hotel activities degree. After the graduation ceremony, many of her friends left to live abroad. Nina started to feel lonely and began a friendly epistolary relationship with David who was now living in Stockholm.

David was not her best friend but they were much closer lately despite the distance. They began to write once a week and on weekends, then every day without it becoming embarrassing. One day he told Nina that he would not be able to write her during a week because he was going on holiday to see his family in New Zealand. Nina pretended to be unaffected by the news and wished him a good trip. After all, he owned her no explanation, they were just friends.

They were just friends and that was the problem. Without daring to admit it, Nina had fallen in love with one of her best friends and that made her unhappy. For a week, she tried to convince herself that she was stupid and a week without talking to David probably would cure this budding love but she was lying to herself. Knowing that he was in New Zealand made the distance even more difficult to bear, at least Sweden remained close to France. During his absence, Nina found comfort from her group of girlfriends and asked them their opinion. Of course, no one agreed. Claire thought it was impossible to get out of the friend zone, according to Sonia she would lose David forever if she confessed her feelings, and Elsa thought she had to listen to her heart and take the risk.

Desperate and completely lost, Nina went through the Internet discussion forums without seeing clearer. She had to face the facts. No one could decide for her. It was her life. She would talk to David on his return. But before taking the plunge, she had to make sure he was still single. And heterosexual. She could already confirm this last point, she saw his ex when they were still students. And except in certain TV series, people rarely changed their sexual orientation.

The week that had seem interminable finally ended, Nina was able to continue her discussions with David. When he asked her to go see him in Stockholm, Nina booked her weekend without an ounce of hesitation. When he came to pick her up at the airport, the first thing they did was kissing without thinking.

–  « How did you guess?

–  I was not 100% sure but I decided to take the risk. »

Actually, all the signs were there from the beginning: daily contact, the lack of the other, the fact that they were both single, and when Nina took the first plane to Sweden, he knew…

Two years have passed since this event. David and Nina are still together and they now live in Oslo. Life is full of surprises. Love can make you suffer, it can turn sometimes to tragedy or madness, but real love also exists. The kind of love that can overcome the passing time, jealousy, distance, doubts, and be stronger than friendship. Beautiful stories do not necessarily start in the most romantic way but they are the most authentic. If you really love each other, nothing is impossible.

The story of your life will not necessarily look like a Disney movie, you have to live in the real world, but that will not prevent it from being magical. Never doubt the power of love. Good things come to those who wait.

thanks for reading

Hope you enjoyed this fourth short story. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field! See you soon 🙂



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