Anthology of the 26 worst passion-killer in a relationship ! :p

Hello sweethearts!

As you know, perfect love like in the films or Disney movies doesn’t exist. For the category of today, I decided to make an anthology of the 26 worst mood-killer in a couple. I want to say that this kind of post is above all humoristic so please don’t get angry and enjoy!

1. Someone unable to cook! I’m not talking about great gastronomy of course, I am not so capricious. But according to me, a good boyfriend must know the basics of cooking as cooking pasta without burning them, making an omelet without pieces of egg shells or tasty chocolate chip cookies according to the recipe of Laura Todd. Is it too much to ask? Girls like to eat well so you better feed them properly! I’m throwing rocks at guys but don’t worry, some girls can also make disasters in a kitchen.

cooking disaster

2. Tracksuit on a date! Are you kidding me? This outfit is the antipode of sexyness! How do you expect to seduce a girl with it?! Unless you have a jogging session scheduled, be a good boy and change your clothes! Guys, how would you react if your girlfriend showed up with her sweatpants? Yep, it’s give and take!


regina sweatpants

3. Male briefs! Even if he has the muscles of Superman, I say no, no and no!!! This is ridiculous and ugly. This makes me want to run far far away… Guys, wear boxers please! It’s a thousand times more sexy.


4. A guy with long nails! I don’t care if you are a guitarist, mediators exist! Google Image still has the decency to show clean nails but this is not always the case. I say no to the claws, I find it creepy and being scratched is the last thing I want!

guy with long nails

5. Girls who ask too many questions! Yes, we think a lot, not to say permanently. And it is well known, boys are not fans of existential questions. I’m not asking you to stay quiet, I respect freedom of expression. Just make sorting between what is essential (“Should we go to Disneyland this summer?”) and what is superficial (“Should I dye my hair in shining chestnut color or glossy cappuccino color?”). In the first case, you will have a simple answer (yes or no) and in the second case, you will get a grunt or an inaudible answer because guys don’t know anything about it and they are too afraid to give the wrong answer!

too many questions

6. Trick questions and stupid questions! We are specialists in tricky questions like “Have I gained weight?” or “Which dress suits me best?”, not to mention the stupid ones like “If I become fat and ugly, will you still love me?”. Stop! Are you suicidal? Whatever the response from your boyfriend, you will never be satisfied so keep those questions for yourself. You’re the only one who knows what is best for you. And take care of yourself before reaching the tipping point (the fat and ugly silly thing). Prevention is better than cure!

keep calm_no stupid questions

7. Guys who do not give (or not enough) hugs! I like cuddling and I could never be with someone who falls asleep right after love. This is so rude!

no hugs

8. Macho attitudes! Men with a prehistoric brain exist. Some of them still think that cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry or ironing are the role of women. How dare them? Personally, I never do ironing, even for my clothes, so why should I iron the shirts of someone else? It would make no sense. If you are dating a man like that, just run away! Be independent and say no to submission!

macho flintstone

9. Selfishness! Love is about sharing and compromises. If your other half only thinks of himself, if it’s always him who decides which movies to watch or which restaurant to go, there is a problem. You have your word to say. If he doesn’t care about your opinion, leave this jerk! The same applies for girls who think they are queens.


blair waldorf

10. Stinginess! I am not one of these girls who think that men should pay for everything. However, guys who divide systematically the bill in two and always look for what costs the least annoy me! According to me, when you love you don’t count the cost. If you have to make complicated calculations every time you’re going out, it’s not worth it. Nobody wants to date Uncle Scrooge!

uncle scrooge

11. Negligence! It’s not because you have been together for 5 years that you have to stop making efforts. Guys, pay attention to the beer belly, keep on going to the gym and continue to be caring with your girlfriend. Girls, continue to shave your legs, don’t eat too much cupcakes unless you took a pool membership, and keep on surprising your boyfriend. Nothing for granted. A couple is like a flower: if you stop taking care of it, it fades and dies. So react before it’s too late!


12. Forgetfulness! Thoughtlessness can get you into trouble. There’s no need to celebrate the first kiss, we are not in middle school anymore. The first night? It’s up to you. But Valentine and one year together in a relationship are sacred. It is as important as Christmas! An oversight is forgivable, two is the limit. Over and above, it’s unforgivable. It’s like the other doesn’t care! Important things shouldn’t be forgotten. After, if your boyfriend forgot if you were wearing a skirt or a dress when you met for the first time, it’s not a big deal, ok? As long as he remembers that he loves you and not another is all that matters.

sorry I forgot

13. Deception! I’m not kidding with this point, this is the death sentence of a relationship. How can you trust the other one after that? It’s impossible! Never cheat on your boyfriend or your girlfriend. If you do it, it’s cruel, ugly and means that you don’t respect your other half at all. If you are not sure about your feelings or if you have any doubts, talk to the other and take a break if necessary. As you are a couple, remember that the other loves you and trusts you. If your story has to end, be honest to each other. Your person might be heartbroken but at least she will remain dignified and won’t have to suffer the humiliation of being deceived.


14. Smoking! If you both smoke, this is not a problem. Things fester from the moment when one is not a smoker because he is forced to endure something he doesn’t like. Of course you have to make compromises in a relationship but smoking is a sensitive issue because it affects health. If you are the smocker, try to reduce your consumption of cigarettes and try not to smoke when the other is with you. It’s not easy but if you really love your other half, you can do it. Who knows, maybe it could help you to quit smoking! Honestly, I could not kiss someone with ashtray breath, just saying…

smocking15. Drugs! This is an even more serious problem than the previous one. If I can make (huge) efforts to tolerate tobacco, I do not endorse any of the drugs. This is one of the saddest, most expensive and dangerous things there are in the world. It may sound harsh but I refuse to be involved in some way in a situation with drugs. All I can do is trying to convince the person to get help and detoxify. Seriously, you don’t need drugs to have a crazy life. Love is the only drug you need!

no drugs

16. Alcoholism! It was not the goal, but I feel like doing a public health prevention intervention! Partying and drinking from time to time is good, not knowing to stop drinking is problematic. If you need to drink to feel better or forget about your problems, it’s very sad and dangerous for you and for others. Nobody wants to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is an alcoholic. Alcohol is a vicious plague that can wreak havoc in every sense of the term. There is dependence when consumption (regardless dose) is daily. If you have problems with alcohol, don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk to someone, you will do already a big step. Then go see a specialist and take care of yourself for your well-being and the one of your loved ones. It would be a shame to lose the love of your life because of a bottle of wine, don’t you think?


17. When the guy lets the toilet seat up! It takes 2 seconds to put the seat down but some guys still didn’t understand how it works. When you let it up, your relationship is going down! I’m pretty sure that toilet seat is one of the major causes of conflicts in a couple! So make an effort and try to remember it. UP then DOWN, got it?

toilet seat

18. Lack of cleanliness! Dirty socks and clothes lying on the floor, overflowing trash, dust bunnies that pile, dirty dishes floating in the kitchen, bearded hair encrusted in the sink of the bathroom…oh my god, this is even worse than a horror movie! Guys, girls are not your maids so move your butt from this couch, roll up your sleeves and work! Nobody wants to live with an evil Piglet version. Apparently, dirty girls also exist, at least on TV. Do you remember this episode of Friends TV show where Ross was dating a slob? Gosh, this is disgusting!

dirty kitchen

19. Too much mess! This is related to the previous situation. Living in a slum has absolutely nothing sexy. Clean your crazy mess if you don’t want your other half to throw you out!

i am a mess

20. Unpleasant odors! Love may make people blind but the sense of smell is still working. When you come back from your running session, have a shower immediately. Sweat production is not an aphrodisiac! In the movies, people who wake up look fresh as the morning dew and the girl’s mascara has not even been ruined. Nobody is fooled, this is not reality! When your relationship is still new, the first thing you do when you wake up is to run into the bathroom to give you a decent but natural look, brush your teeth and quietly back to bed. Who has never done it?  Over time, your other half will realize that you are human and not divine, but if he really loves you, you don’t have to worry!

bad smell

21. People who always want to have the last word! In conflict situations, you might go crazy with people like that. Between the know-it-all and the stubborn as a mule, you will eventually run out! Except if you can be smarter than them, good luck…

little miss brainyI won't change my mind

22. Those who don’t like pandas! Pandas are the cutest animals in the world. And they are my favourite animals. So if you can’t stand these wonderful creatures, it will never work!

never say no to panda

23. Those who are allergic to Disney! The same as for the previous situation. Disney movies are the flagship of our childhood. Of course they don’t tell us the harsh reality of the world but they are the best to make us dream and cheer us up! Watching a Disney DVD or going to Disneyland as a couple warms my heart and brings magic in my life. So yes, I need the other to feel the same…

Disney mickey

24. The total lack of musical sensitivity! I love listening to music, playing the guitar and singing. The other has the right to have different tastes but if he doesn’t like music at all, it may be problematic. I need to have common interests with my boyfriend and music is one of the pillars of my life. The worst case: if he doesn’t like Muse which is my favourite band in the world, it will give me the same effect as if he doesn’t like pandas or Disney… The relationship would end before it even begins!

I hate music

25. Those who never express their feelings! I need to be with someone expressive, someone who loves life and who is not afraid to say how he feels. So I say no to insensitive robots!

feelings on or off

26. Disgusting fantasies! A couple must be on the same wavelength. I am open to fantasy to spice up the relationship but glaucous suggestions should be banished!

mister naughtyThat’s it! And you, what are your passion-killer? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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  1. Thibault "Oron" says:

    Many “cliché” today !! I would like to stress the 22th as your personal signature XD
    Otherwise I just want to add a comment about the 10th. Offer is always appreciated ! Whether bottle of wine, an aperitif or even a bunch of flowers ! Be a nice gentleman … but not too much, care about habits ^^


  2. I know but clichés are fun 🙂 You’re right, the 22nd is totally me ^^ Thanks for giving your opinion!!


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