Spring reverie :)

Dear poetry lovers,

Writing is an exercise which I cannot get enough. Poetry is not my specialty but I really want to improve myself. The only solution: continue to train. Here is the poem I composed this morning…

spring blossom

Spring reverie

She has her head in the clouds,

When she’s bored, she flees the crowds.

To escape the sad reality,

She invents a new world of fantasy.

She draws from her imagination

To create something that sticks to her vision.

When she dreams, everything is possible,

The things she realizes are simply incredible.

In the world of her dreams,

People grow magic beans,

You can travel by flying

And nobody is crying.

Everyone has a special power

Allowing him to make the world better.

Dreaming enables her to escape,

She can then counteract fate.

She would like the dream to continue

In order to stop feeling blue.

Spring is supposed to be the season of renewal

And not a period filled with the cruel.

Awaiting the summer is paced by the desire

To never again swing on a wire.

In the meantime she writes

Texts to say that everything will be alright.

Never stop hoping,

Never stop dreaming,

Look at the sun shining,

And believe in the power of spring.

Sometimes life can be really awful

But you can arrange to make it colorful…

life is colorful

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Have a nice weekend 🙂


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