Short story number 3 ! :)

Dear readers,

As you can see, I love writing short stories. Here is my third one, enjoy reading!

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It all began at a Starbucks…

–  « A Strawberry Frappuccino for Julia!

–  It’s me, thank you! » she answered by getting her drink.

Julia came out of Saint-Michel Starbucks and hurried to get to the fountain where she was supposed to meet her boyfriend Mathias. Half the time he was late. That’s why she always stopped at Starbucks before. She glanced briefly at her watch. 4 :15 pm. She was only five minutes late and Mathias was not arrived yet. She sat on the edge of the fountain and started to sip her Frappuccino.

– « I wonder how you do to drink something so disgusting!

–  I know you hate Starbucks! she said before giving him a kiss.

–  You’ll end up obese by dint of swallowing this crap!

–  It’s been two years since I drink it and still you didn’t run away!

–  Should I?

–  Surely not! Where are we going?

–  What about a stroll on the Seine banks? » he suggested by hugging her.

It was May 14, 2013, and Julia would remember it all her life because it was the last time she saw Mathias. The afternoon started so well though. She could never have suspected what was going to happen. Mathias had been so caring with her, he even offered her a ride by flyboat! While they were dancing on the deck of the boat without music like in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” movie (after all, she was not called Julia by accident!), Mathias broke the magic of the moment.

– « Jul’, I have something to tell you…

–  What’s there, honey? she asked, suddenly worried.

–  Do you remember Vincent’s party, last Saturday?

–  Yes, you told me it was awful because everyone was drunk! Did something else happen?

–  Well, Cindy was there too…

–  What? Your ex ?! Why did you hide it when I asked you who was there?

–  Because I didn’t want to hurt you!

–  Why would I be hurt if nothing happened, Mat’? Is there anything else you’re not telling me?

–  Sweetheart, as I told you, everyone was drunk, so much drunk. I was not in my normal state and…

–  Oh my god! Did you kiss her?

–  It was under the influence of alcohol, I…

–  You kissed your ex?!

–  Sweetheart, I…

–  Don’t call me like this!

–  Jul’… It didn’t mean anything to me, I would have liked another to take her home so…

–  Don’t tell me that you slept with her! Please tell me that you didn’t do this to me! she begged, her eyes filled with tears.

–  Julia, I’m so sorry! I hated myself at the moment, I wanted to erase this bullshit, I swear! Please forgive me, I love you!

–  Don’t touch me, bastard! You disgust me.

–  Jul’, please! If I told you, it’s because I love you. I want to fix things!

–  Mathias, if you really loved me, you would never do this to me! If you kiss another girl, it’s already deception.

–  It just happened once, you were not there and I was drunk!

–  Shut up, Mat’! So now, it’s my fault?! Should I apologize for spending time with my family?! Alcohol doesn’t excuse anything.

–  I know but it was only once and…

–  Even once is unforgivable! The damage is already done. How would you react if I cheated on you?

–  But you would never…

–  I would never do this to you but I’m just asking. How would you react? Answer me!

–  I would be furious…and devastated.

–  See, it’s funny because it is exacty how I’m feeling now…

–  Tell me what to do to fix things, please! Think about our two years spent together…

–  You had to think before. It’s too late now! Nothing will ever be the same, she said painfully, her face bathed in tears.

–  Jul’, don’t cry, please! I hate to see you like this, I love you so much, I don’t want to lose you, he blurted, weeping in his turn and pulling her against him.

–  Mat’, I’m sorry…

–  Sorry about what? I was a jerk and you are perfect! I am deeply sorry for what I’ve done. We’ll find a solution, I promise. We just need time.

–  I can’t…

–  I know you’re very sad and upset now and I understand. I spoiled everything but I will be a better man, I promise. If you still love me…

–  Of course I love you, feelings cannot disappear all of a sudden…but I think I hate you more. You betrayed my trust! You broke your promises and you broke my heart. There is nothing to fix. It’s over. »

She kissed him one last time and when they were off of the boat, each went on his side. She did not turn around and she did not answer Mathias calls. Julia removed the one who had been her first true love from her Facebook contacts, she blocked him on her phone, erased all their photos and put all the gifts he had offered her in a box that she swore to never open again. After she did all this, she cried all tears from her body during three months. Then she decided to devote herself solely to her studies, her family and friends. She remained single for a year before feeling ready to trust men again.

For one year, Julia had managed to avoid Mathias. Luckily, they were not studying in the same school and they did not have so many mutual friends. Mathias’sister told her he had left to live in Australia. The better, Oceania was far, distance would help her to move on. Definitely. Julia got her entrepreneurship degree with honors in October 2014. At least, her breakup with Mathias had not prevented her to succeed.

In January 2015, she decided to start “Madness bags”, her own e-shop of handbags with a fashion designer mate, her two best friends graduates in Finance and Marketing, a bank loan and financial support from their parents. The targeted clientele was the Parisian students fans of fashion, newness, Internet and affordable prices. Julia and her friends had recognized a good idea. Indeed, two months were enough to popularize their e-shop. They even got an interview in a student magazine!

Julia had taken control of her life and felt almost happy. She was glad to work and she was well surrounded by her family and her friends. She was only missing a man in her life. Julia had few stories after Mathias but nothing serious. The guys were too involved or they were afraid of commitment, it was complicated. And above all, it was missing the spark that Julia waited, the one that would make her say « This is him ».

April 8, 2015, in Odeon Starbucks.

–  « A Strawberry Frappuccino for Julia!

–  It’s for me, thank you!… Careful! she yelled in the street when a clumsy guy bumped into her, knocking her drink on the ground.

–  I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you?

–  No, but you ruined my Frappuccino!

–  Sorry again, he apologized by picking up the goblet three-quarters empty. Can I buy you another one…Julia?

–  How do you know my name?

–  I’ve already been to Starbucks, I know how it works!

–  Well, why not? she smiled, staring at an attractive young man of about twenty five years old. Can I ask you your name?

–  Léo.

–  Like Di Caprio?

–  If you want. My parents are fans of Da Vinci works! Fortunately, they chose the short version for my first name… What about yours? Are there any followers of Julia Roberts in your family?

–  My mum knew she was pregnant the day she was watching a replay of “Pretty Woman”!

–  How cute!

–  Thank you. I was lucky, the day before she was watching “Basic Instinct”! Imagine if she had called me Sharon…

–  You’ve escaped the worst! Should we go?… »

 Meetings like in the movies exist. It is always when you do not expect it that love knocks again at your door. Today it’s been a month since Léo and Julia are together. She does not know yet if he is the man of her life but it looks set to last.

 The human being is programmed to survive the ruptures and fall in love again. So if your first love has left you, do not lose hope. We do not know what life holds for us and sometimes little things are enough to give rise to a great story…

thank you for reading this

Hope you enjoyed this third short story. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂



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