How to organize a cocooning girls night! :)

Hello girls!

Weekend is back (at least in France)! Your men are at a video game party and you have planned to spend a girly cocooning evening? It’s timely, I have 13 tips to share with you to succeed your beauty party, enjoy!

1. Lit scented candles in your living room! It will be perfect to create a zen and girly atmosphere. They sell it cheap at Tati shop or Hema shop, treat yourself!

aromatherapy candles

2. Turn off your phone not to be bothered! It feels good to disconnect from time to time, don’t you think? Do it once all your guests have arrived of course…

turn off smartphone

3. Buy beauty masks for the face! Don’t hesitate to vary the flavors for more fun! 2 euros each at Hema shop. Remember to remove makeup before putting the masks! Make sure you are not allergic and respect the exposure time to avoid unpleasant surprises…

face masks

4. Ask your friends to bring a casual outfit, their nail polishes and makeup! This is an opportunity to try new looks! And if you try new clothing styles, it’s even better!

vernis et maquillage

5. Before beginning the manicure, prepare bowls with lukewarm water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for each. Dip your hands 5 to 10 minutes in the preparation, it will help you to have whiter nails! Then rince your hands and dry them.

manicure bowl

6. Don’t forget the pedicure! Before putting the nail polish on your toenails, prepare basins or large buckets of hot water for each guest to create steam foot baths. Provide a balm or a scrub for the feet.

Relaxing foot bath with white orchids

7. Apply a nourishing mask on your hair! 3 euros at Hema shop. Once your hair is nourished, feel free to invent new hairstyles! And avoid coloring your hair, it’s too risky…

masque pour cheveux8. During the exposure time, don’t hesitate to do tests in women’s magazines to help you wait! There are also free tests on the Internet…

presse féminine

9. Prepare a girly musical playlist to set the mood! You can create a free playlist on Deezer for example…

girl music

10. Create a cozy cocoon for your friends with pillows, plaid, blankets… They must feel at home!

cosy living room

11. Prepare girly drinks! Think about cocktails easy to prepare like mojito, gin tonic or cosmopolitan. You can find recipes on the Internet or there are powder kits, as you prefer. Kirs or Hoegaarden Rosée are nice as well! If you don’t want to drink alcohol, smoothies, milkshakes or ice tea can be an alternative…

girly drinks

strawberry milkshakes

12. Provide easy things to eat! Crisps, mixed salad, pizza, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream jars or other, it’s up to you!

chips baie roses

girly salad

pizza coeur

girly cookies

girly cupcakes

haagen dazs smoothie

13. Have fun and take pictures! Evenings like that do not happen every day so enjoy the moment!

hello kitty

Hope these 13 tips will allow you to have the girls night of your life! Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂


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