Today it’s International No Diet Day: be greedy without culpability! :)

Dear hearty eaters,

This post is dedicated to you! To celebrate International No Diet Day, I propose to share with you the top 10 of my sins of gluttony! Forget about frugal diets, treat yourselves and be greedy! For once you can eat like ogres legitimately, enjoy it…

1. Profiteroles! This classic dessert always delights my taste buds. I love the contrast between the hot chocolate sauce, the cold vanilla ice cream and choux pastry both soft and crunchy, yum!  Depending on my mood, I like to add strawberries or chantilly with toasted almonds…

profiteroles with strawberry

2. Fiorentina pizza! I discovered this pizza at Pizza Express in London and I love it! Put egg, cheese, spinach, olives and tomato, and you get a delicious pizza. I wish we had a Pizza Express in Paris, I really miss it…

fiorentina pizza

3. Banana split! This dessert is easy to prepare and very tasty! Banana, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, chantilly, chocolate sauce and cherry on the top, wow!


4. A “Maraîchère” crepe! I discovered this iconic crepe at Crêperie Josselin, in Montparnasse district, and this is definitely my favourite one! The crepe is soft and crispy at the same time, made with good butter, generous bacon slices, spinach, cheese and egg. In case you didn’t know, I love eggs!

crêpe maraîchère Josselin

5. Milkshakes! According to me, HD Diner milkshakes are the best. Velvety, refreshing, tasty, deliciously sweet and crowned with chantilly and a cherry on the top…it just has a taste of paradise! Mango flavor is definitely my favourite one.


6. Spaghetti bolognese! A classic but so good dish! And very easy to prepare by the way! Isn’t life wonderful?

spaghettis bolognaise

7. Strawberry Melba! I love desserts with fresh fruits and ice cream, not to mention chantilly! Strawberry is probably one of my favourite fruits…this is so yummy!

fraises melba

8. Luc lac beef! This Vietnamese dish sounds simple but it doesn’t lack of taste. Tomato rice with a fried egg on top, fresh tomatoes, tender beef parts cut into small pieces, not to mention a sauce composed of a mixture of salt, pepper and lemon juice, and voilà! I prefer the version without salad. Come on, it’s No Diet Day…


9. Peach Melba! An alternative to Strawberry Melba equally tasty. With red fruit coulis, it’s even better!

pêche melba

10. BLT bagel! It’s what I always order at Factory & Co, in Bercy Village. Bacon (but not just any, this one is caramelized!), lettuce and tomato, not to mention cream and an Emmental bread for me. This is just perfect!


All this made me hungry! And you, what are your sins of gluttony? Tell me everything in the comment field! Bon appétit and Happy No Diet Day 😀


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