“Les Pièges de l’amour”: review of a thrilling short story about the quest for love! :)

Dear writing enthusiasts,

In my surroundings, there is writer’s blood flowing in our veins. Today I would like to make a review of a wonderful short story which my alter ego is the author. It runs in family, we all have a passion for writing. Here is my review of a French romance called Les Pièges de l’amour, I mean the pitfalls of love…

Les Pièges de l’amour is a French short story written by Dan-Ha Pham and published by Edilivre editions since April 15, 2015. She wrote it during her Business School studies and it is aimed at young people today.

les pièges de l'amour edilivre

What’s the story globally? Clara is young, beautiful and intelligent, but like many, terribly unlucky in love. On the surface, she makes fun of Prince Charming, but deep within herself, she dreams of meeting him one day… She is looking for someone who whould share her feelings. Someone who would not cheat on her. Someone mature and manly. And someone not too old for her. When she turns 20, whe wants to enjoy life without being a depraved girl. Clara refuses to accept anyone but she is afraid of being too demanding at the same time. She wants to trust men but she is scared of being too naive. She pretends not to care but she cannot help falling in love easily. Will she succeed to find real love and to defeat its numerous pitfalls? Read the book to find out!

What have I thought of the story? According to me, Les Pièges de l’amour is very well written and clearly reflects the malaise of young people today, their lovelife problems, love sufferings when you are a student, and the touching, clumsy and desperate search for a soul mate. In the end, whatever our age, our heart is still inexperienced in front of the trials of life, and everyone dreams of finding the right person that will make him happy… Congratulations Dan-Ha, you have strong writing skills and I am proud of you! Thank you for this lovely story and for this beautiful moment of escape!

all you need is love and a great book

If you can read French and if you are interested by this great short story, hurry up to get a copy! Les Pièges de l’amour is available for sale on Fnac store, Le Furet du Nord bookstore chain, http://www.edilivre.com or http://www.amazon.fr! 9 euros for the paper version (34 pages) and 5.40 euros for the digital book, treat yourself…

Hope this review will make you want to read the book! Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. xoxo 🙂


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