Anthology of the 10 worst first names given in 2014 ! :)

Dear readers,

Unless you live isolated from the world, you could not miss the Royal news of the day: Kate and William named their baby girl Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! A classic and safe choice suitable for a little princess and a triple tribute to her grandfather, her great-grandmother and her legendary grandmother. Well done, she will be able to keep her head up and she will have no reason to be angry with her parents! Let it be said once and for all, the choice of a name is not made lightly. We keep our name for life so it would be better not to be ashamed of it! Parents may well have nine months to choose, when you see the names of some celebrity kids, one wonders what happened in the minds of their parents… As 2015 is far from finished, here is a selection of the 10 worst names given to babies in 2014, enjoy!

1. Cosette! If you want your daughter to be miserable for the rest of her life, this is the perfect name! Seriously, who wants to wear the name of a martyred victim forced to do the housework?? Why not Cinderella while you are there?!


2. Thor! Even if your son becomes as hot as Chris Hemsworth, the fact of being called Thor won’t help in life. He won’t look like a hero but a zero!


3. Renesmee! Having the same name as a half-vampire is scary, don’t you think?  Plus, it doesn’t sound pretty at all. Please stop watching Twilight! Or call your daughter Isabella or Alice if you want, it will be easier to wear…


4. Storm! Are you kidding me?? It’s sure that with such a name, your child will wreak havoc…or he will end up devastated. Change your mind before it’s too late!


5. Princesse! Is it a child or a pet? I concede that it can seem lovely as a nickname but not for a first name! I feel sorry for the girls who have that name. The real world is cruel and doesn’t look like the universe of fairy tales. I used to know a Princesse in kindergarten, I guess that life has not been easy for her… If you want your daughter to have a chance to meet Prince Charming, think about another name!

mme princesse

6. Merveille! The same as the previous situation. The male version could be Treasure! Trust me, the life of your child will be far from wonderful with such a name… If you absolutely want a first name that sounds precious, go for Jade, it’s better.

je suis une merveille

7. Smiley! With that name, you can be sure that your son will never smile! “Come on, smile, Smiley!” This sounds ridiculous. Unless you want him to make a career in a circus or end up in an asylum for depression, do not inflict such cruelty to your child!

smiley is my name

8. Tiger! Everyone cannot be Tiger Woods so forget about it. Would it please you to have the name of an animal? I don’t think so. And it’s very similar to Tigger! I love Winnie the Pooh and his crew but it doesn’t sound manly at all. Please find a human name!


9. Elfe! Everything that is supernatural is hardly compatible with the human world. In addition, if your daughter has the misfortune to be born with pointed ears, she will be condemned to play in remakes of The Lord of the Rings or Star Trek. Are there any actors in your family? 


10. Kal-El! Only Tom Welling can be called Kal-El without being too ridiculous. Your son won’t be a superhero and he won’t have superpowers so give up this idea please, unless you move out to Krypton…


And you, what are the worst names for you? Give me your opinion in the comment field! See you tomorrow 🙂

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