My second short story in English :)

Dear aspiring writers,

Always willing to progress in writing, I decided to share with you my second short story in English. As you will see later, I am an incurable romantic. Enjoy reading!

short story

The story of Ethan and Alice.

Lying on her bed, Alice was thinking of the first time she met Ethan. It was two years ago. They were still both students. She studied Psychology and he was in third year of engineering school. Nothing predisposed them to meet. Indeed, she had always lived in Paris and he was born and raised in San Francisco. Everything began in September 2013…

Ethan found an internship in Paris but he still had no housing. Alice’s flatmate had just left and she had not found anyone to replace her. Desperate, she published an ad on Facebook. Around ten people answered and she decided to choose Ethan. He seemed well mannered, nice and willing to progress in French. Plus, he was a student of the G4 Institute of San Francisco, a renowned Graduate School of Engineering and Management in IT and Multimedia, he was probably a good person. And he was. Thanks to him, Alice would be able to progress in English and she would have someone to share her daily life.

During the six months they lived together, Alice and Ethan became the best friends of the world. They got along very well and there was no ambiguity between them. Everything was fine in the best of worlds. When Ethan left, they kept in touch but never met again until that day when Alice decided to spend a week of vacation in San Francisco with her brother Maxime…

She wrote to Ethan to ask if he was available. Pleasantly surprised, he told her he was busy with his work but agreed to meet Alice and Maxime the day before their departure. Alice’s brother, seeing how the chemistry between his sister and Ethan seemed strong, found an excuse to leave them alone for dinner. The reunion had deeply moved them. For the first time, they realized how much they had missed each other. They were overjoyed to meet again but at the same time they were afraid of their new feelings. How to get out of the friend zone? How to tell the other that he was more than a friend? Was the game worth losing a strong friendship? And what about the distance? Too many questions and not enough time to set the record straight. What was the point to start a story since Alice was about to leave the next day?

Everything cruelly separated them again. They embrassed each other for a long time without daring to kiss. They did not need to talk to understand that they were attracted to each other. At midnight, Alice decided it was time to leave and say goodbye. She still had to pack her bags and her flight was in ten hours. It was impossible to stay. Ethan would not be able to accompany her to the airport because he had to work and a one night stand was out of question, it would separate them forever. What then? While Alice gave him a last hug, he pressed his forehead against hers and promised her he would come to see her during his next vacation.

Ethan kept his promise. When Alice came to get him at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, they naturally kissed without a second thought. He would be in Paris for two weeks and they intended to enjoy every moment spent together. It was meant to be. They were friends before but their feelings were stronger, they just got closer than ever, it was the logical continuation of what they had discovered in San Francisco. Those two weeks spent together were the best of their lives, they had never felt happier. Then came the time to say goodbye again. But this time, they felt confident and determined to live their story no matter the cost. Ethan would continue to learn French and Alice would keep on perfectionning her English, with the ultimate goal that eventually they would live together either in San Francisco or Paris, only destiny knew. In the meantime, they should overcome the most difficult of the tests : the one of long distance relationships.

This way of life lasted one year and a half. Alice and Ethan did their best to see each other during holidays, in France or America, but it was not easy and plane tickets were expensive. They had to make savings and compromises. When they could not see physically, they had to take the jetlag into account and arrange to continue to communicate regularly. They had their ups and downs like in any relationship. Many times they nearly broke but at the end, their feelings were always stronger.

Now they finally live together in Paris, proof that love is stronger than anything. Morality : never let distance get in the way of your happiness, do your best to find solutions to your problems, do not let yourself breakdown, keep the faith and remind yourself that out of sight does not mean out of mind!

thank you for reading

Hope you liked this second short story. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂






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  1. Eccentric Muse says:

    ‘They embarassed each other for a long time without daring to kiss. They did not need to talk to understand that they were attracted to each other.’

    My favorite sentences! I enjoyed this short story. I love how the love took time to develope between the pair and it wasn’t rushed. You have a knack for writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you liked my short story 😀


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