“Fuck Le Chômage!”: review of an innovative and fun book to fight against unemployment!

Dear job seekers,

A promise is a promise. In my last article about unemployment, I told you I would make a review of the French book Fuck Le Chômage! by Mathieu Menet once I’d finished reading it. Here is my review of this book like no other!

Where to start? Simply to acquire this book turned into real expedition! Let me tell you…

Step 1: Looking for the Holy Grail!

Of course I could have order online, but this book intrigued me so much that I wanted to get it on the same day I published my article. Apparently it was available at the Fnac store so I rushed to Montparnasse Fnac because I know they have a great bookstore. After poking around without success on the shelves of personal development books, I resigned to ask for help to a seller. “Hello, excuse me, I’m looking for a book about unemployment…”. Of course, giving the name of the author wasn’t enough, the guy needed the full title of the book. “Fuck Le Chômage! ??” he repeated, as if I was joking. Damn it! He didn’t seem to believe me. “Yes, that’s the title! It’s a method to find a job in 43 days…” I said to support my statements and legitimize my request. That’s not me who chose the title, don’t look at me like that! “Ok, I see…you must go to the floor upstairs. It’s in economic and management section, look among the books about business and job search. Hurry up, it remains only 2 copies on stock!”. Oh my god, I felt an adrenaline rush over me. I ran in the escalators, it took me 2 long minutes to find the right section, then 2 others to find the right shelf and suddenly I saw it: the last copy! I was as excited as if I managed to get the last Harry Potter book, this is weird, right? It was only a purchase but I felt like I made a big step forward. I was feeling determined, I had the intention to take control of my life and this book might be the solution I needed…

fnac montparnasse

Step 2: Start reading!

The summary of the book sets the tone and gives an idea of what awaits us. This method or rather THE method is supposed to help us to organize our time and research, keep morale high, get interviews, charm the recruiter and impose ourselves, wow! The author managed to find  a job in 43 days thanks to this. Admit that it makes you dream…  But wait, that’s not all! This book has the originality of presenting job search like a game of seduction with the preliminaries, a game input, survival tips, flirt tools, objectives, preparation and challenges! Then yes, presented like that, job search becomes sexier and motivating. Motivation, this is what unemployed people need the most! Good first point of the book… Moreover, Mathieu Menet uses a young, funny and sympathetic language in his book, we really feel he speaks to us. And he is totally right: a boring book is the last thing we need during these times of crisis!

fuck le chpomage_back of the book

Step 3: Changes are needed!

What is good about this book is that it’s not only about theory. There is also a concrete and practical part to make us go to the field, to make us move and go beyond our limits! Advice and examples given are logical, full of good sense and useful. I totally validate challenges. Indeed, I like to prepare myself small trials to boost me! I applied several tips of the book and I must confess that I feel better morally and I manage to organize myself better. I don’t feel the need to plan everything hour by hour but having a to-do list lets me know where I go, it helps me to better balance my day, prioritize my tasks and not forget anything. I appreciate being able to juggle job search and personal life. It is very important to know when to stop applying in the day and to set limits because we are not superhuman or robots. We are human and we have a life to live despite everything. Continue to live your passions is essential to keep morale. For example, turning off blogging is unthinkable for me: my blog is my own universe, it’s the bubble that allows me to decompress and develop myself personally.


Step 4: My feelings about the book!

According to me, Fuck Le Chômage! is a groundbreaking book in combat methods of job search. Mathieu Menet succeeded to make sexy, playful, practical and informative something that is not at the origin. Presenting job search like a game of seduction is a genius idea, I really loved this book! If you can read French, get a copy, it’s an awesome book. Even if you are not unemployed, this method might help people you know so don’t hesitate to spread the word! Of course, you must not see this book as a magic solution but as a coach who is there to help you, guide you, advise you and encourage you in your great battle against unemployment. Think of it as a game and give yourself every chance of winning! Thank you Mathieu for writing the perfect bible of the job seeker. Bravo!

my review

Hope this review will make you want to read this great book. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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  1. Woooaaaaaa !!!! Thanks a lot for this awesome review. I’m really pleased to see how the book helps you and I’m looking forward for your results to all challenges.
    Please send me an email to my address because I may have a surprise for you 😉

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