Original places to picnic in Paris! :)

Hello picnic lovers!

The sun is shining, the sky is bright, picnic season is open! The City of Lights has a thousand and one spots for picnicking. Tired of overcrowded tourist places? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Here are 4 original places for your Parisian picnics!

1. La Villette park! Located in Pont-de-Flandres district, Paris 19, this park is one of the biggest of the capital! Imagine 55 hectares including 33 hectares of green space…admit that it makes you dream! The park’s configuration was designed by Bernard Tschumi, Swiss-born French architect. Take the opportunity to visit the theme gardens of the kinematics walk: Passengers gardens, bamboo garden, garden of childish fears, La Treille garden, garden of balances, garden of the islands, garden of the mirrors, garden of the dunes and winds, garden of acrobatics, dragon garden, garden of shadows and garden of the drawings. It is simply fabulous! With your friends or your date, as you wish.


2. The vineyards of Montmartre! Also called “Clos-Montmartre”, they are located on Montmartre Hill, along rue Saint Vincent and rue des Saules. The little square that faces the vineyards is particularly cute and above all, this lovely place is little known to tourists! If you fancy a romantic or friendly picnic, go for it…

les vignes de Montmartre

3. La Coulée Verte! Built on a former railway track, La Coulée Verte is over 4 km of greenery that crosses the 12th district of Paris. Choose a grass corner out of sight for a one-to-one lunch with your sweetheart, romanticism guaranteed! How to get there? Get off at Châtillon-Montrouge on metro line 13.

la coulée verte

4. The Swans Island! This artificial island on the Seine faces the Maison de Radio France. This is where you can enjoy Paris and New-York simultaneously cause yes, there is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. This remote island has the advantage of being uncrowded. And the architecture of its bridges and stairways is magnificent! Not to mention the Alley of Swans, lined whith trees and benches, which is beautiful no matter the season. If you want to please your significant other, go for it!

île aux cygnes

Hope these 4 spots will allow you to have an awesome picnic time, whether it is with your mates or your other half. Enjoy 🙂

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