Sunday poem

Hello world!

As I want to progress in writing, I try to vary the stylistic exercises. Here is a poem I composed when I woke up this morning.

sunday thought

Sunday morning,

Paris is still sleeping.

I’m lying on my bed,

Thoughts are running through my head.

I hope to find a solution

That will lead to reconciliation.

How did we get there?

How to get out of this nightmare?

We were so united together,

I though this bond would last forever.

Is it too late to stop this fight?

I’m not good at talking so I prefer to write.

I don’t want to lose you,

I don’t want to feel blue.

All I want is peace,

Can you make me a promise?

Come and see me when you’re ready.

I will be there for you, do not worry.

We will get to find ways

To come back to happy days.

In the meantime, take care,

I’ll wait for you, I swear.


Once again, sentences are not very balanced but I wrote this poem with my heart. See you soon 🙂


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