My first short story in English! :)

Hello aspiring writers!

Today I gave myself a new challenge: write a short story in the space of few hours! This is the first short story I write in English, I wrote it in 3 hours so be indulgent please! short stories

The one who wanted to become a writer.

Life had not been easy for Léa. As far as she could remember, her big brother died in a car accident when she was twelve years old and her family had never supported her dream of becoming a writer. According to her parents, it was a precarious job with no future. Actually, their reaction was mainly due to the fact that their son Antoine was also a writer. Specifically, he was a songwriter, gone too soon before his time of glory. Léa had no musical fiber but she loved writing since childhood. She studied journalism for two years after high school but the area was blocked.

Her parents tried to convince her to register for law school to follow their path but she refused despite their pleas. Desperate, Léa’s parents attempted to change her mind by threatening to cut her off funds. To their surprise, she packed her bags, took her savings and left. They thought she would not last two days alone away from them and that she would go back to law school, but they were wrong. Léa was more courageous and resourceful than she looked.

Her Parisian friends hosted her for a week. Then she managed to find a waitress job in a cafe and a room in a center for young workers. She survived with her job, housing assistance, universal health cover and babysitting during her days off, while continuing to write and see her friends during her free time. Worried, Léa’s parents hired a private detective to spy on her during the first two months. Reassured by his reports, they decided to stop and let their daughter the opportunity to become independent.

Léa was tired but she had never felt so alive and free at the same time! She managed to get by while her family saw her as a spoiled little girl, capricious and fragile. Ok, she had a job, a roof and enough to eat but she would not give up her dreams so far. She wrote about ten short stories she sent to all possible publishing houses, without success. Imperturbable, she did not give up and participated in all short story contests she could. Still no result. Léa then decided to start writing a novel and to publish a chapter every month on her blog.

It took her a year to finish her novel. To her greatest joy, many Internet users followed her blog and supported the project of her novel, until the day when an independent publisher contacted her. It was not a publishing house known to the general public, but the editor was able to detect the potential of the young writer. He asked her to send him the entire manuscript, make corrections and shorten it. Then the publisher offered Léa a contract. He agreed to publish the book, to promote it and put it on sales in all known bookstores in Paris, but she would not gain money before the thousandth copy sold. Was it a risk worth taking?

Léa decided to gather all her courage and to get advice from her parents. After all, they were lawyers! Her parents, upset by the fact she calls only to ask for help, welcomed her in spite of everything because they missed their daughter. They accepted to read the manuscript and to have a look on the contract. They also asked for the opinion of friends in the literary world before making a decision.

All agreed that Léa’s novel had potential and they were right. I will not tell you which contract she chose, editorial secret, ring a bell? All I can say is that Léa’s novel is now a best-seller and she is already thinking to write another one to the delight of her readers. She has reconciled with her parents and now lives in Paris with her boyfriend who is a scriptwriter. It’s a small world, right?

Morality: never give up your dreams, do your possible to achieve them and never turn your back on your family, they are what we value most. thank-you-for-reading-and-i-hope-you-liked-it

That’s it! I want to say that this is a fiction. It’s not perfect, I do not usually write short stories but I really enjoyed writing it! Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion in the comment field. And if you have any tips to help me progress, I would love to know them! Cheers 🙂


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