How to feel good in a swimsuit! ;)

Hello girls!

Today it’s April 20. Summer officially arrives in 2 months and 1 day, oh my god! Who says summer says holidays, who says holidays says beach and who says beach says bikini… As every year, the so dreaded swimsuit test is back! It’s time to panic and regret the excesses that we have inflicted on our bodies that will never be ready in time, damn it! I’m already starting to receive bathing proposals while we are only in April (why did summer begin so early this year???) and I have a planned trip in early June, you cannot imagine my distress. For now, I have an excuse not to wear a swimsuit because I injured my both legs (it wasn’t premeditated, I swear!). Not for a long time: my wounds are almost healed and my skin is starting to take a more human color. I’m glad for it but time is running out! How am I going to do? It sounds rather ironic for someone who loves swimming, right? Let me explain: when I go to the swimming pool, it’s only to swim, not to have a sunbath. Plus, I feel anonymous with my swim cap and my swimming goggles, and people are too focused on their swimming to look at me. Good for me! In a water park or on the beach, it’s different, I cannot hide behind my swimming pool accessories. In general, when I am with my family, I put the sunscreen and I jump into the sea to swim. I can stay hours in the water because I love it but also because people cannot see my whole body. I avoid sunbathing because I badly bronze, I hate to lie down without doing anything and I especially hate when people see me in a bathing suit because I’m shy. Of course I have already gone to the beach with close friends. I just wanted to have fun and enjoy the time spent with them so I forgot my complexes, I didn’t want to spoil the holidays and it was great! Anyway, I always have a tank top, a pareo or a beach dress in my beach bag, “in case I would be cold”. It’s also a way to hide my swimsuit neither seen nor known. Babies, children and the elderly don’t pay attention to the eyes of others and they are right! There are also people who look like supermodels and uninhibited people who don’t care to be seen in a swimsuit, lucky them! This year, I would like to go beyond this ridiculous fear and feel confident even if I don’t look perfect. Are you in the same situation? If so, here are 17 tips to overcome the terrible bikini test!

1. Stop salting! The salt is a major cause of water retention. If you don’t want to swell under the effect of heat, don’t salt your food too much and don’t eat industrial cooked food! Cook your food into the water with a teaspoon of baking soda to prevent unwanted bloating…

no salt

2. Put arnica gel on your bruises! This will remove your skin disgraces. And be careful when you walk!


3. Reduce your alcohol consumption! According to the models, it will be easier to have a flat belly and you will be less bloated…

less alcohol

4. Drink water! Drink 1.5 liters of water a day to have a beautiful skin well hydrated, reduce water retention and eliminate toxins!

drink water

5. Put tinted cream! It can be a solution for a healthy glow and avoid having skin tone of an aspirin tablet… I avoid self-tanners because I don’t want to have the color of a carrot!

crème teintée

6. Eat raw vegetables! It will help you better digest and absorb nutrients better. Miranda Kerr and Kate Middleton are fervent followers of this concept, see!


7. Prefer whole grains! Wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals, brown rice, quinoa and so on are better allies for a flat stomach whereas refined sugars are known to cause bloating…

whole grain bread

8. Do sport! Go to the gym to do exercises to strengthen your thighs, your stomach and your butt. Ideally, go to the swimming pool to reshape your whole silhouette. As I said previously, you will be anonymous, nobody will look at you. Plus, you will feel more accustomed to wear a swimsuit like this!

go to the gym

9. Take care of your skin! Clean your skin thoroughly, make a scrub once a week to remove dead cells and put on moisturizer after your shower. Your very soft skin will thank you!

body scrub

10. Epilate yourself carefully! To feel good on the beach, avoid the bearskin, it’s common sense…


11. Treat your manicure and your pedicure! Great nails are essential to feel beautiful. Choose a nail polish that matches your swimsuit. If it’s colorful, it’s even better!

manicure and pedicure

12. Opt for a natural makeup! Apply a waterproof mascara on your lashes and choose a colored lip balm with a sun protection factor 15 at least. And to be even more beautiful, don’t forget to smile!


13. Take care of your hair! Cut your split ends, accessorize your hair and wash them with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

beach hair

14. Choose a swimsuit adapted to your morphology, suitable to your skin tone and in which you feel good! If you feel uncomfortable, you will never wear it so take your time to choose it.


15. Test your swimsuit before the big day! Once you have your swimsuit, have a shower with it to check that it’s not transparent, too large or too tight after bathing… Prevention is better than cure!

beach curtain

16. Have fun with accessories! Sunhat, sunglasses, flip flops, beach bag, beach dress and pareo, treat yourself!

beach accessories

17. Stand straight and forget the eyes of others! You don’t need to look like a supermodel to wear a bikini. Nobody is perfect and canons of beauty vary from one to another. The most important is that you feel comfortable and beautiful as you are. Have faith in yourself and everything will be fine…

smiley balloon

Hope these 17 tips will help you to overcome the swimsuit test. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. xoxo 🙂

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