If I had superpowers…

Hello world!

Who has never dreamed of having magic powers? Who has never wanted to accomplish extraordinary things? When reality bothers me, I dream of a better world and everything is possible in dreams. I have feet on the ground most of the time, I know to be lucid when necessary but I am also a big dreamer, it’s part of my personality. I like letting my imagination run free, putting a little fantasy to better withstand the world reality and escape for a while. That’s ok in the extent that it is only temporary and I know where I belong. There is a time to dream and a time to face reality. The world would be sad without fancy, don’t you think? Today it’s Sunday, let’s dream a little! Here are the 5 superpowers I’d like to have…

1. Teleportation power! I wish I could go anywhere I want just by snapping fingers.  Like this, I could be with the people I love anytime and travel the world at will! Very useful when you are broke or miss someone…


2. Healing power! I’m clumsy so I easily hurt myself. I wish I had a healing hand to help people suffering. My superpower would heal physical injuries but also heartbreak and mental distress. Emergency hospitals would no longer be overcrowded and people wouldn’t wait for hours for treatment!

healing power

3. Mental strength! I’m very sensitive and I care a lot about things and people. This is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it becomes painful and difficult to endure. I wish I could be stronger so I wouldn’t let anything upset me more than necessary.

mental toughness

4. Super speed! Chores would be made at lightning speed, I would gain a lot of time to be able to do what I want, I would never be late and I could prevent people from having accidents! Tempting, isn’t it?

super speed

5. The power to read bad thoughts! It would allow me to recognize liars and manipulative people so I could prevent innocent people from being scammed. I don’t want to have the power of reading all thoughts, I refuse to know the good ones because life would lose its spontaneity and it would be annoying because of the lack of surprises!

read thoughts

That’s it! There are plenty of other powers, but it’s not good to be too greedy. And you, what superpowers would you like to have? Give me your opinion in the comment field! Dream well 🙂


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