Parisian acrostic poem :)

Good morning budding poets!

Because I’m always looking for new challenges, I decided to try my hand at performing the acrostic. This is the first one that I write in English so be indulgent please!


Parisian blogger, passionate about writing,

Am always looking for a new topic.

Regularly my brain is boiling

In order to create something sympathetic.

Sometimes my articles are more serious,

Joyful or dreamy,

Each has its own characteristic; some can be hilarious or delirious

To stick to my mood of the day, alternately happy, melancholic, romantic, sarcastic or funny.

A very large palette of emotions and subjects is offered to each reader,

I love to interact with people worldwide: Europe, America, Asia or Oceania, my blog has really become international!

My connection established with them is part of my joys as an aspiring writer.

Each comment, like, suggestion, encouragement or subscription means a lot to me and makes me feel special.

panda merci

Ok, the sentence length was not very balanced. Concentrate instead on the reach of the message! Thank you with all my heart for your support. If this blog exists, it’s because of you. Cheers 🙂


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