How to organize a Japanese party! :)

Hello Japan lovers!

You had a tough week, the holidays are still far and you still cannot afford to buy a ticket to go to the Empire of the Rising Sun? Don’t be sad, your day will come! Give me a smile, weekend is back! Rather than going to a Japanese restaurant in Opéra district, what about organizing a Japanese party at home with your mates? Ok, you’re in? Fantastic! Here are 6 tips for a lovely Nippon evening…

1. Prepare a Japanese feast! The self service buffet remains the most practical presentation. Appetizers, starters, main courses and desserts, don’t neglect anything! For the appetizers, you can propose sweet potato chips, wasabi peanuts and puffed rice crackers for example. For the starters: gyozas, salmon tartare, refreshing salad (cucumber, soy sauce, rice vinegar, icing sugar and sesame seeds), shrimp tempura and vegetable tempura. For the main courses, you know sushi, maki (spring maki are my favourite!), onigiri, cold Japanese noodles (delicious in summer), yakitori, katsu curry, yakiniku don and so on. Don’t forget to provide Japanese rice as a side dish! For the desserts, what about Japanese pastries, green tea ice cream and bubble tea? There are lots of easy recipes on the Internet. Do your shopping in a Japanese supermarket in Opéra district, Paris 9. There is also a nice Japanese pastry shop in Paris 6 (look at my article about Parisian tea time). Last solution: if you are really too lazy to cook, order takeaway!

chips de patate douce

wasabi peanuts rond


gyozastartare saumon japonaistempura


katsu curry

yakiniku donpâtisseries japonaises

glace au thé vert

bubble tea2. Offer drinks that stick to the theme! Japanese green tea, Japanese beers (Asahi or Kirin for example), sake…you can even prepare Japanese kir by mixing syrup and sake! If you prefer soft drinks, try the lychee juice!





3. It’s cosplay time! Traditional kimono, aikido outfit, Japanese school uniform, samourai or manga character disguise, have fun, be creative and don’t forget the accessories!

kimono traditionnel







4. Transform your living room and immerse yourself in the Japanese universe! Make Japanese flags (a red circle on a white sheet is enough), put manga posters on your walls, decorate the room with folding screens, Japanese fans, paper lanterns, silk cushions… Light some candles, put bamboo sticks in a vase and choose red and black plates and bowls to serve your dishes. Don’t forget the chopsticks!

Japanese flag

dragon ball poster


eventail-japonaislampions papierbols japonais

5. Prepare a playlist! Main themes of manga, anime soundtracks, traditional Japanese music or Japanese pop, it’s up to you!

japanese music

6. Treat yourself with animations! Organize a costume contest, an anime music blind test, a crazy karaoke or a Pictionary with manga characters. And don’t forget to take pictures to capture all the good times!

cosplay contest

blind testkaraoke

Hope these 6 tips will allow you to have an amazing Japanese party! Don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comment field.  また 近いうちに お 愛 しましょう (See you soon) 🙂


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