My “Thank You” Letters ♥

Dear readers,

Today I would like to write a special article dedicated to all the people I care about. Relationships with our loved ones are not always easy. Indeed, it’s often with those with whom we are very close that conflicts may burst. Because it’s our inner circle, we don’t hesitate to express what’s on our heart, sometimes clumsily, sometimes crudely or bluntly, and we hurt people unintentionally. It can be difficult to talk to those we love because of bashfulness or because there is too much affect involved. I admit that I am pretty impulsive: when I am with my loved ones, I often say what passes through my head without always thinking, I’m a sensitive person and I sometimes struggle to control my emotions. It is a flaw that I am aware, and I have every intention to work on it. It’s strange but when I write, all my ideas and thoughts are organized magically, the right words come out on their own, and I get to have a coherent discourse. Do not get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that I cannot express myself orally: all the oral presentations I have made in business school and courses in public speaking I followed still have prepared me well for this exercise. As I said previously, it’s with the people I care about that I lose my ability to express myself properly in times of crisis. While waiting to confront them again, I decided to write them a letter to put the record straight. “Is not that a bit narcissistic to publish something so personal?” you might think. I’m a shy girl so it’s not narcissism. As I already said in one of my articles, writing is halfway between the intimate and self-exposure. According to me, writing is a share, a gift of yourself to a public, hence the existence of this blog. I know that many people may find themselves in the same situation as me. That’s why I am sharing my experience in the hope that people will understand me better, and to help those in need, in my own small way. Enjoy the reading!


1. To my parents, I would say: “Dear Mum and Dad, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me till now. Thank you for supporting me throughout the duration of my studies, not only financially, but also morally. I dedicate the diploma I obtained in October to you because I know how much it means to you. These 5 years have not always been easy for me but I did it! Thank you for always being there for me in good and bad times of my life. Thank you for continuing to love me even when I do stupid things. Thank you for teaching me that we have the right to be wrong as long as we learn from our mistakes. Thank you for continuing to believe in me and support me in my job search, the same goes for driving lessons. I look forward to the day I can invite you to the restaurant to celebrate my driving license and my first job! Thank you for raising me well and for teaching me good values. I know that you have done your best for me and I am grateful for it. Even if I don’t always show it, I have not forgotten all the sacrifices you have made for me. Thank you for supporting me since the creation of my blog, it encourages me to keep on writing and not to give up my personal projects! Thank you for being my parents. We have only one dad and one mum in life, you are the best parents in the world and any other parent will never replace you. I have perhaps never said it but I love you. Forever. ”

never forget your parents

2. To my sister, I would say: “I know we’ve been through all kinds of trials in our lives and I want you to know that despite the disputes, conflicts and crises, you remain my alter ego, my accomplice, the one who supported me with all her strengths and all her heart for most of her life, and I am infinitely grateful to you. I wanted to tell you that I want to fly on my own now, even if it takes time. I don’t want us to be united only by blood, I want us to be united throught the heart, as before. I have only one sister and I don’t want to lose her. Thank you for being my sister during all these years, I hope that you will remain my sister for all the years to come. I am aware of not being perfect, I have a lot of flaws but that doesn’t stop me from having qualities and wanting improve my attitude. I hate when we are on bad terms and I really hope we manage to reconcile some day, I will wait however long it takes. Be happy and don’t forget that I love you, you can be sure that this will never change.”


3. To my best friends, I would say: “Thank you for being there to share my joys, my crazy ideas and my sorrows. Thank you for your communicative cheerfulness, your joie de vivre and your little touches of madness. You are like a second family, you are wonderful people I can talk to without fear of being judged, you can find the words to comfort me and know how to clear my mind. Thanks to you, life becomes lighter and more colorful! I know that I can count on you and you can count on me in return. I hope this friendship will last a lifetime. Thank you for being such good friends. I love you all.”

best friends

4. To the one for whom my heart beats, I would say: “Thank you for making the first move, I would have never known without it. Thank you for giving me wings to start a story when I thought I had lost my chance. Thank you for making me feel special, beautiful and loved. Thank you for your continued support, regardless of the distance, you bring me strength and hope. Thank you to comfort me and guide me when I’m not well, you help me feel better. Thank you for being part of my life and for bringing me happiness.  I love you.”

love heart

Hope these 4 letters will help you to better express your feelings to the people you love. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂

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