How to fight against fatigue! :)

Hello mates!

I don’t know if it’s because of Monday’s effect but a lot of people feel exhausted from the beginning of the week! Tough weekend, stress, studies, sickness, jetlag, unhealthy diet, lack of motivation or other, many factors can be at the origin of your fatigue… As long as it is temporary, there is nothing to worry about. However, if fatigue persists and becomes chronic, it’s time to react quickly and put an end to this harmful condition! Keep your eyes open and stop yawning, here are 10 tips to overcome fatigue!

1. Learn to rest, have a nap! Listen to your body when the first signs of fatigue are felt: itchy eyes, yawning, body aches, headache…tell you it’s time to take a break! In kindergarten and in Japanese companies, napping is mandatory and they are absolutely right! I know that it’s not easy to have a nap when you are working but you can dedicate 20 minutes of your lunch break to have a micro nap. Trust me, you will feel in better shape to continue your tasks!


2. Improve your lifestyle! Don’t go to bed at impossible hours. If you know that a meeting is waiting for you at 9:00 am, don’t stay awake until 4:00 am, even if it’s to watch the new episod of Game of Thrones (we have no luck in Paris)! Be reasonable, you can watch a replay later…


3. Pay attention to what you eat and watch your weight! Indeed, an unbalanced diet and overweight favor a general slowdown of the body and fatigue. Stock up on vitamin C (eat citrus fruits, oranges, kiwis) and magnesium (bananas, dark chocolate…) to stay in shape! And fill up on iron by eating seafood, blackcurrant, mango or avocado for example. This will save you from having anemia! Finally, avoid too much fat and too sweet food, your body will thank you.

Eating Healthy

4. Take your dose of sunshine! Vitamin D is important for healthy bones and reduces the pain of the periods (it’s good to know girls, especially as we are already weakened by this monthly plague). The solution? 30 minutes of sun exposure every day! Don’t forget to put sunscreen…

sun exposure

5. Stay positive and apply autosuggestion! Negative ideas are heavy and bad for your mood and health so avoid them! Repeat to yourself that you are well, that you will get better, and believe it! It will end up working if you have an iron will…


6. Do sport! Sport gives you good tiredness, helps you sleep better and feel good in your body and mind. Don’t go run a marathon so far, the aim is not to exhaust yourself!


7. Read! It is scientifically proven, one hour of reading (a real book, not an e-book!) before bedtime will help you to sleep better…


8. Stop worrying all the time! It is well known, stressed and anxious people often suffer from insomnia. Sometimes they do not even stressing for themselves but for others! Please take a deep breath, listen to relaxing music, have a bubble bath if necessary, drink an infusion and relax… You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Stress causes stress, it’s a vicious circle. Learn to be zen, restful sleep will come back, trust me!


9. Don’t drink too much alcohol and drink plenty of water! Alcohol weakens your body and disrupts your sleep, you will end up waking up several times at night, what a burden! Drink 1.5 liters of water per day to revitalize yourself: this should help annihilate fatigue…


10. Take care of yourself! Don’t neglect yourself and keep on practicing your hobbies and things that make you happy. If fatigue does not go away, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. Indeed, chronic fatigue syndrome is a real disease! Or you may just have the flu… In doubt, it’s better to have the opinion of a specialist, don’t stay in a condition that makes you unhappy!

take care heart

Hope these 10 tips will help you to be less tired. Feel free to comment or give your opinion! Cheers 🙂



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