How to organize an Italian party! :)

Hello mates!

It’s Friday night, week-end is back! It’s time to discover a new theme party! Yesterday evening I was eating in a creperie… “What is the relationship with Italy?” you may ask. Actually, it has nothing to do with it but imagine that the words “tomatoes”, “mozarella” and “pizza” came back several times during the conversation, cause yes I always end up talking about food with my friends, especially if we are in a restaurant! There was even a tomato-mozarella crepe proposed in the menu, it was a sign… And we have agreed on the fact that tomatoes and mozarella are better when they are served cold, don’t you think? The weather gets warmer in Paris and we are all dreaming of being on holiday. I love Italy for its melodious language, its culture, its food, the dolce vita principle and the zest for life it releases! Ok, this article doesn’t sound very Parisian but it doesn’t matter. If we have an area called “Place d’Italie”, it’s surely no coincidence! Truce of chatter, here are 8 tips for a lovely Italian party!

1. Follow the codes of Italian meals! A classic Italian meal is composed of 7 elements: antipasti (appetizers), primi (kinds of hot tapas), secondi (main dishes with meat or fish), formaggio e frutta (Italian cheeses and fruits), dolci (desserts), caffé (espresso or cappuccino) and liquore (digestive). Wow, what a feast!

Italian meal2. Prepare a tasty buffet! For antipasti, you can propose pieces of Italian cheeses, grilled eggplant, sundried tomatoes, olives, Italian deli like coppa and pancetta, shrimps, squids, tomato-mozarella salad with olive oil and basil, bruschetta (toasted garlic bread with olive oil, tomato, mozarella, basil, salt and pepper), and beef carpaccio with olive oil and parmesan cheese accompanied by salad! For primi, what do you think about minestrone soup and Roman gnocchis with fresh tomato coulis and parmesan? For secondi, you can serve lasagna (vegetarian or with Bolognese sauce), cannelloni (with Bolognese sauce or goat cheese-spinach), pasta with different sauces (carbonara, pesto, Bolognese, arrabiata or cheese), risotto (mushrooms, asparagus, shrimps, chicken…), pizzas (the ones you like), Milanese escalopes, lemon veal scallops, baked fillet of sole, breamed fillet with pesto…treat yourself! For formaggio, think about grana padano, pecorino romano, parmesan reggiano, smoked scamorza, caciotta with pepper, the list goes on! Serve the cheese with salad and ciabatta, it’s better! For frutta, there are blood oranges, grapes, kiwis…  For dolci, what about tiramisu, panna cotta with red fruit coulis, limoncello cake or amaretto biscuits? Buon appetito!



tomato mozarella


escalope milanaise

Italian cheese



3. Don’t forget the drinks! Red wine lovers, take a bottle of Chianti. If you prefer white wine, go for the Prosecco! If you don’t drink alcohol, try the grape juice. And think about caffé (cappuccino is my favourite!). For liquore, grappa or limoncello are excellent!




4. Have fun with decorating! It doesn’t have to be complicated: inflate green, white and red balloons, put garlands of Italian flags, posters of Italian movies and pictures of Italian landscapes on your walls, it will be enough!

italian garland

italian ballons

la vita e bella

italian-landscape5. Plan an outfit for the occasion! Get dressed in green, white and red, put a Venetian mask, disguise yourself as Luigi or Mario, find an outfit of Julius Caesar or adopt a godfather look!

Italy dress

venetian maskMariojulius caesargodfather6. No party without music! Prepare a playlist with your favourite Italian hits. Put songs of Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti or Paolo Nutini for example. You can also be more classical by choosing opera music, it’s up to you!

Italian songs7. Play games! What about a Pictionary with the theme of Italy or a Time’s up! with Italian celebrities? You can also organize a blind wine or cheese tasting with Italian products, be creative!

Pictionary Italy

blind wine tasting8. Take pictures! It will be an opportunity to create an album with original souvenirs!

dog cameraHope these 8 tips will allow you to have a wonderful Italian party! Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. A presto 🙂


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