How to cope with unemployment without depressing ! :)

Dear readers,

I have already written about job hunting on February 10. Today it’s April 9. Nearly 2 months have passed since the publication of this article and it seemed important to me to share with you my experience of being unemployed as a graduate. I have not found a job yet and to be honest, the situation is not easy to live every day. People might try to be understanding and compassionate, after a while they begin to wonder if you don’t do it on purpose… Do not see anything vindictive in my remarks! The fact is that people who work can hardly understand what it is to be unable to find a job, at least for the moment, because they have one. So working is normal for them. Don’t worry, I do not intend to remain unemployed all my life, it is out of question! Time spent at home gave me the opportunity to reflect and think about new survival tips to fight blues associated with unemployment. Whether you are in the same situation or not, take the time to read this article, it may perhaps serve to someone you know! Here are 10 tips to stay strong when you are unemployed!

1. Don’t let yourself go! Being unemployed is not an excuse to look like a wreck! Don’t stay in your pyjama all day, get dressed, eat healthy, do sport, sleep well, take care of yourself… Get ready to be on top of your shape for a possible interview! be on top 2. Continue to rhythm your days! Don’t force yourself to set an alarm clock in the morning, unless you have an important appointment. And don’t go to bed too late, continue to have balanced days! Respect your sleep needs, keep on implementing your morning and evening routines. Plan time slots to apply and time slots to do what makes you happy because it’s impossible to respond to offers all day, you would end up having a nervous breakdown! organize-schedule 3. Enhance your CV ! An employer may ask you to justify a period of inactivity. As far as I am concerned, I registered in driving school, I took the theory test and I continue to take driving lessons every week with the goal of getting my driving license. I have also created my own blog since the beginning of February in order to improve my English level, share my passions, develop my writing skills, get familiar with Content Management System via WordPress and learn to manage a website. And of course, I keep on looking for a job! Being unemployed does not mean that we are lazy people who do nothing with our days, just to put the record straight… cv 4. Take breaks! I have said it many times in my articles but it’s very important to clear your head if you don’t want it to explode. You know better than anyone what helps you to relax. Personally, I like going for a walk, listening to music, napping for an hour or having a good snack! take a break 5. Continue to practice your hobbies! That’s what keep you motivated and develop your personality. Blogging is my favourite activity with biking, swimming, baking, playing music, reading and watching movies! free time 6. Read! It will allow you to relax, escape and open your mind. Novels, life guides, articles or other, it’s up to you! There is a French book called Fuck le chômage! by Mathieu Menet that I really want to read. It’s a method to catch your dream job in 43 days. Tempting, isn’t it? I think I’m gonna buy it today. I will make you a review once I have read it! read a book Fuck le chômage 7. Don’t neglect your social life! Continue to see your friends and your family as much as you can, not necessarily to talk about unemployment but just to clear your mind and having a good time with your loved ones. Having people who are happy to see you and who do not judge you because you have no job is important to strenghten your self-esteem. And if you have someone in your love life, it’s even better! Unemployment should not prevent you from living, ok? play social life 8. Plan a trip! When you spend your days at home, it’s normal to saturate and dream of new horizons. Looking for a job is exhausting as a real job so please don’t feel guilty at the idea of taking a few days off, you deserve it! I can concede that we don’t have a lot of money when we are unemployed but it’s not impossible to organize a nice weekend at reasonable price. Ask a good friend who has a car to take you to the beach (Deauville is only 2 hours from Paris) or book your train tickets in advance, last year I only paid 25 euros for a round trip by train! There are also low costs flights to various destinations in Europe. For accommodation, see if friends can host you or book an apartment with several mates on airbnb website! Another tip: don’t hesitate to look out for promotions on travel websites! Trust me, you will feel revived! let's travel 9. Relativize! See unemployment as an opportunity to think about what you really want to do in life, take the time to improve your personal skills, devote yourself to the things you love and enjoy your free time, it won’t last forever! Receiving a negative response should not make you doubt about your value. Tell yourself that the person who will hire you will be very lucky to have you because yes, you are someone great! The others don’t know what they are missing… awesome 10. Adjust your professional project! You have plenty of time to redefine your strengths and your objectives. This may be the best way to discover what position fits you best and make new projects! Don’t give up on your dreams, your efforts will be rewarded one day, I promise… future Hope these 10 tips will make you stronger and help you to fight better against unemployment. Feel free to give your opinion or share your experience in the comment field! Hugs 🙂


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  1. Hi Min,

    It’s a real pleasure to see you intrigued by Fuck Le Chômage. I’ll be very happy to exchange with you on your “Fuck Le Chômage” experience. Feel free to send me an email to start the discussion 😉

    All the best,


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    1. Hello Mathieu!

      What a surprise! I was very pleased to discover your comment this morning, thank you so much! I bought your book yesterday, I started to read it and I like the concept! I intend to write an article on it once as I have read it all and I would love to discuss with you about it some day… Ok, I’ll send you an email on the occasion 🙂

      Best regards,



      1. Hey!

        How is your reading of “Fuck Le Chômage” going?


      2. Hi Mathieu!

        I’ve just finished reading it. Very good book, interesting, fun, practical and original at once! I’m gonna make a review on it soon 🙂


  2. My pleasure! Looking forward to reading your article.

    Have a nice day & FUCK le chômage !!

    All the best,


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