10 quotes to celebrate spring return ! :)

Hello world!

As you may have noticed, sun is back in Paris for a few days and Parisian faces are beginning to brighten… How nice it is! Here is a selection of 10 beautiful quotes to celebrate the revival of spring!

1. Spring makes us happy: “A smile has more in common with the swallow, and even if it does not always make spring, it often announces it.” (Damien Berrard)

Damien Berrard

2. Spring softens our soul: “Hi; it’s spring! It’s the angel of tenderness!” (Arthur Rimbaud)

arthur rimbaud

3. Spring is a dreamy season: “Fantasy is a perpetual spring.” (Friedrich von Schiller)

Friedrich von Schiller

4. The season of love is back: “We are hearing the swallows singing with their heart; we guess that spring is shining outside.” (Pierre Loti)

Pierre Loti

5. Spring actually starts in April: “This is the month of April which begins to open spring” (Madame De Sévigné)

De Sévigné

6. Nature awokens in spring: “Spring unfolds the leaves of the water lily on water waves.” (Chateaubriand)


7. Girls blossom in spring: “Roses and girls make spring shine” (Heinrich Heine)

heinrich heine

8. Spring brings hope: “Spring is always full of promise…it never lies to us and never faints.” (Michel Bouthot)


9. Spring offers us a second youth: “We rejuvenate with childhood memories, as we are reborn in the breath of spring.” (Béranger)


10. Spring is a symbol of romanticism: “Spring flowers are  the dreams of winter narrated, in the morning, at the angels table.” (Khalil Gibran)

khalil gibran

Hope these 10 quotes will help you to better enjoy the spring season! See you soon 🙂


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