10 good reasons to go to the “Foire du Trône” in Paris! :)

Hello sunshines!

Today you have 2 good reasons to love Monday: no work today (blessed be Easter Monday!) and the sun is sparkling in Paris, yay!!! What would you say about having fun at the “Foire du Trône”? Here are 10 reasons to go to this wonderful place!

1. This is the biggest funfair in Paris! There are 350 attractions and 80 amusement rides, wow! Isn’t that tempting?

vue globale foire du trône

2. The fair is open every day until May 25! No more excuses! You can go from Monday to Friday from noon until midnight or on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 1:00 am.

foire avril mai

3. Entrance is free, you only pay for the attractions you want to do! You will pay between 2 and 10 euros depending on the attraction.

entrée foire du trône

4. Enjoy the advantages of the pass! If you don’t want to break the bank, buy the pass online. It’s 29.90 euros per adult. This batch of 26 tickets includes 10 free amusement rides and 16 vouchers on attractions and catering, what are you waiting for?

pass foire du trône

5. There are many food outlets! Churros, candy floss, sweets, toffee apples, pancakes, waffles, French fries, sandwiches, hot dogs, granitas or ice creams, there’s something for everyone, yum!

stand nourriture foire du trône


candy floss

6. There are new attractions every year! If you like thrills, you will be served with “Starlight” or “Spin Ball” for example! Go see by yourselves…

starlight foire du trône

spin ball foire du trône

superman foire du trône

7. All public are welcome! Whether it be with family, friends or a date, you will have an awesome time for sure! Ghost train, rifle shooting, plush stands, duck fishing, flying chairs, Ferris wheel and so on, it’s up to you…


pêche canards


chaises volantes

grande roue

8. There are ATM machines on site! Like this, you can get cash whenever you want. Be careful not to ruin you anyway!


9. You can go there by metro! The nearest metro station is Porte Dorée, on line 8. The fair is located on the lawn of Reuilly, you cannot miss it!


10. Come back in May for parties or events days! On May 1, there will be fireworks; on May 10,  it’s Portuguese Day; and on May 16, you have the calvacade of “Foire du Trône”! Go for it!


Then, are you convinced? If you wanna give your opinion, the comment field is yours! Have fun 🙂

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