“Le Clan des Divorcées”: review of a hilarious comedy show ! :)

Hello everybody!

In my article from yesterday, I told you about my desire to go to the theater more often. Well imagine that I went there last night! I needed to clear my head so when friends suggested me to attend a comedy show at La Grande Comédie Theater in Paris 9, I accepted without hesitation! The show was worth the trip, here is my review of  Le Clan des Divorcées

Le Clan des Divorcées is a French comedy written by Alil Vardar, in artistic collaboration with Pascal Legitimus and directed by Hazis Vardar. The play was performed for the first time in 2004 in Toulouse and met a booming success for 11 years, reaching more than 2 million spectators, wow! There are several teams of actors. I saw the version played by Claire Gérard, Arsène Mosca and Julia Dorval.

What’s the story? Stéphanie d’Humily de Malanpris is an eccentric bourgeois who has just divorced after 5 years of marriage with a cheese producer in Ardèche. She recently moved in Paris and feels alone in her big apartment. That’s why she decides to find flatmates to keep her company. Then she meets Brigitte, a cynical countryside woman who has not been spoiled by Nature, and Mary Bybowl, a blond, sexy and brainless British. Their only common point is that the three of them are divorced and want to find their soul mate as soon as possible. Each woman publishes an add in the newspaper and the competition starts to get a date… Stéphanie and Mary receive hundreds of phone calls and Brigitte offers them to prepare a list of 5 questions in order to find the real gem! Of course, nothing will happen as planned and an avalanche of funny situations will trigger…


The trio is fantastic and offer us a firework of emotions fluctuating between laughter, absurdity and cynism! One character (guess which) is played by a man, which makes the story even more hilarious. Dialogues are incisive and hit the spot, there are even some musical sequences! Avoid sitting in the front row if you can, an explosive surprise awaits you… There is also a mythical scene that will make you look an element of daily life in a different way, I will not tell you more to let you discover it by yourselves!

If you wanna laugh for one hour and a half, go for it! Le Clan des Divorcées is pure happiness and strengthened my idea to go to the theater more regularly, I’m already thinking about the next play I’ll see!

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. See you soon 🙂






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