10 projects dear to my heart ! :)

Hello dreamers!

The weather is still gloomy in Paris today. Never mind, I decided to brighten my day by telling you about my projects. Do not see anything narcissistic here. I am someone who loves to share! According to me, projects keep us alive, boost us and give us the desire to move forward in life. Sometimes we manage to achieve some, sometimes it’s just not possible, such is life! No matter, our dreams and projects belong to us. Nobody has the right to stop us from dreaming big! Putting a little fantasy in his life never killed anyone, right? Here are the 10 projects dear to my heart!

1. Continue to develop myself into writing! Writing is my life and the way of expression where I feel the most comfortable. That’s why I decided to create a blog to share my passions to the world! I intend to make it grow day after day because I love to create a connection with Internet users from different countries. It’s also a reason why I write in English, to make my blog accessible to more people! It’s funny because writing is a very personal activity but also a public sharing. I like the duality between the intimate and self-exposure. Another of my dreams would be to successfully write an entire novel in English! I think it’s one of my favourite languages. It’s very ambitious, since English is not my mother tongue… But after all, why not? I have written articles, I could maybe try to write a short story before moving to the next level!


2. Find a job that matches me! My dream job should definitely be related to writing! I think I would be happy with a position of copywriter, web writer or community manager… A job where I could apply my writing skills, communicate and create a bond with an audience would be perfect! If I coud make a living by blogging, that would be great too! Who has never dreamed of living of his passion?

dream job

3. Continue to sing and play the guitar! Even if I do not always sing or play in tune, it’s an activity that makes me feel good and helps me to expel my emotions. I recognize my limits and I don’t intend to audition for The Voice or The X Factor so everything is fine! Well, I admit that in my wildest dreams, it would be fun to record an album but it remains in the realm of dreams, ok? Please don’t laugh!

play guitar

4. Learn to play the piano! To my mind, the piano is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. I already have an electrical piano at home and I bought Piano For Dummies! I tried to learn a little by myself, there was a time when I could play 1 or 2 easy pieces of music but then I forgot. I will find a particular piano teacher when I have money!


5. Maintain good relations with the people I love! According to me, the 3 pillars of life are love, family and friendship. If you miss one of these 3 elements, you feel incomplete! The most important with people you care about is to do everything to keep them. We are never immune to conflicts, but what counts is not to break the link with our loved ones! Relationships of all kinds require effort, sharing and concessions. We have to work on it!

favorite people

6. Go to the theatre more often! I attended a one-man-show and a comedy show since the beginning of the year and I loved it! Musicals also interest me. Theatre is part of Parisian culture, it would be a shame to deny it…

go to the theatre

7. Be bloomed in my personal life! That’s what everyone secretly dreams. If you are happy in your private life, the rest will follow by itself, don’t you think?


8. Continue to play sports! I ride my bike everyday, which is a good thing. But I would love to play badminton and tennis table again! Plus, I need to motivate myself to go swimming more often… It’s all about organization and determination!

keep swimming

9. Learn to draw! I draw like a baby but I would love to know how to draw Disney or manga characters, and portraits! This is my artistic sensitivity that speaks. One day will come…


10. Do my best to achieve my projects! All projects don’t have the same challenge or the same impact on life but it’s always worth trying. You know the saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”.

images (7)

And you, what are your dreams or projects in life? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Have a nice week-end 🙂


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